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  • PARAM.HIS - The changelog of a game/homebrew on XMB.
  • PARAM.PFD - File used for secure the PS3 save data.
  • PARAM.SFO - File containing parameters about the game such as remote play, resolution, firmware minimum version required for a game, region lockout, etc.
  • PKG - Package file format used to install games, software/homebrew.
  • PlayStation Plus/PS+ - Premium service for PSN, it gives subscribers free games, discounts on games, early access to betas and free trials.
  • PME - Privileged Mode Environment.
  • PPE - Power Processing Element, (sometimes analoguesly named PPU - Power Processing Unit) - A dual core PowerPC processor contained in the Cell BE.
  • PSARC - PlayStation ARChive for generic purpose, usually psarc's have the file extension .psarc but they can also be any other file extension or embedded inside self/sdat files
  • PS3_DISC.SFB - File used for activate sub-folder of the game such update, theme, and others.
  • PS3SWU - PS3 SoftWare Updater
  • PS3UPDAT.PUP - This is the Playstation Update Package firmware file, that you use to update your console.
  • PSgrade - Dongle for downgrading the official PS3 firmware.
  • PSL1GHT - Open Source PS3 SDK.
  • PSN - PlayStation Network later renamed SEN.
  • PSVR - PlayStation Voice Recognition - video: on PS3. See also PS4 Phoneme