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Bluray Drive, disc presence detector[edit source]

There are 2 syscon pins dedicated to detect the disc insertion. One of pins powers a IR-LED (emitter), and the other pin is connected to a photo-transistor (receiver), both aligned with each other
When the disc interrupts the light beam a control signal is sent to syscon in the receiver pin. See BL1-001 and BL2-001

Missing lines[edit source]

  • RSX_RESET (syscon output, RSX input) <--------- Connected to RSX pad AW5 (RSX layout 41x41). Exists in Template:Syscon_pinout_LQFP_100_pins
  • RSX_VINTE1 / VD_VINT1 (syscon input, RSX output) <--------- Connected to RSX pad AL38 (RSX layout 41x41). Exists in Template:Syscon_pinout_LQFP_100_pins
  • RSX_CGRST (syscon output, RSX input) <--------- Connected to RSX pad AV6 (RSX layout 41x41) Nerfed in RSX with a 10k resistor to GND
  • SB_RESET (syscon output, south bridge input)
  • SB_CGRST (syscon output, south bridge input) <--- Nerfed too, like the RSX_CGRST ?
  • BE_RESET (syscon output, CELL input)
  • BE_POWGOOD (syscon output, CELL input)
  • DISC_PHOT_LED (syscon output, bluray input) <--- disc insertion IR (emitter)
  • DISC_IN (syscon input, bluray output) <--- disc insertion phototransistor (receiver)
  • DISC_IN_MECHA (syscon output)
  • EJECT_MECHA (syscon output)
  • RSX_FBVDD_SEL (syscon output, RSX input) <----- existence doubtful
  • SW_ATA (syscon output, HDD power switch input)
  • POW_FAIL (syscon input, unknown source) <--- is the same than ACIN_DET pin 41 ?
  • MK_EN (syscon output, MK input) <--- connected to Texas Instruments-SCEI Clock Generator CDC972 through a 47ohm resistor ?
  • XCG_EN (syscon output, MK/secondary inputs) <--- connected to the clock generator/s
  • I2CBUS_EN (syscon output, I2C switch input) <------ connected to 2 pins of the chip dedicated to "duplicate" the MK_I2C_SCL/MK_I2C_SDA bus into a secondary bus: XCG_I2C_SCL/XCG_I2C_SDA
  • HDMI_INT (syscon input, HDMI output) <--- probably there is an intermediate component in between HDMI and syscon similar to TC7WP3125FK
  • HDMI_RST0 (syscon output, HDMI input)
  • DVE_RST (syscon output, HDMI input)
  • WLAN_RESET (syscon output)
  • AUDIO_MUTE (syscon output). Transistor ---> to 2 transistors ---> to 2 pins of the (unknown) audio chip (stereo audio output left/right), and to pins 9 and 11 of the MultiAV connector See

Connections with the BD motor driver ?[edit source]

I been wondering if syscon have some connection/s to switch the power line/s of Bluray Drive#Drivers - BD7761EFV or BD7763EFV --Sandungas (talk) 16:35, 30 September 2022 (UTC)