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Salve, ice age 2 : Require config file to past intro loading screen. what should I do? Help me (Ps2 cfw 4.82 ferrox cobra 7.55 emulator Ps2 Classic. Tranks

SOLVED ~ Editing Issues[edit]

Whenever I try to save my changes, the page just loads then blank white screen, stuck at URL No changes are getting saved beyond that.

  • Hello Sciaa, thank you for using the List.
    • We, the Team behind this wiki, are aware about those problems and we are working to fix this as quick as possible. I decided to protect the Page for editing before there will be more serious problems and damages but thanks for informing this issue. So long this problem is still there, the List is only in "read mode" available. Thanks for understanding - (Roxanne 16th September 2018 - 22:04 CET+1)
  • Sciaa (talk) 21:12, 24 October 2018 (UTC) : I've tested a full page edit; I see the reported issue has been completely resolved and normal editing is back to normal. If allowed, I'll migrate the contents of individual templates (by letter heading) back to the main page of the list.
    • EDIT: Issue is still ongoing if large chunks of text are to be saved/published. --Sciaa (talk) 01:49, 27 October 2018 (UTC)
      • I will need to test something, please don't use the main Page for editing it and please return to each letter Template. I will test something to fix the problems as well. Thanks for understanding (Roxanne 06th November 2018 - 22:04 CET+2)
      • Hey, Roxanne, I suspect what's causing the freezing or stuck up issue when saving edits is using too much {{templates}} on a single page. --Sciaa (talk) 03:50, 23 November 2018 (UTC)

Finished Maintenance[edit]

  • While the Design from the Main List keeps unchanged, we moved every Letter into it's each own Templates. While the Main List keeps protected for editing, everyone is allowed to add and/or edit new Game Titles in each Template. When you click on "Edit" right after each Letter, you will get redirected directly to the Edit Page from the Template itself. The huge advantage should be that both the Design keeps unchanged and the List keeps completed while the load times for each Edit should be reduced dramatically. But there is more testing needed. Maybe Sciaa would be so kind to add his "Pending Entries" via this new system. The only disadvantage is that you can't edit several Letters in a row. You have to edit each Letter by it's own (one Edit for "A", one for "B", one for "C" and so on). - (Roxanne 20th September 2018 - 19:55 CET+1)
    • And yes, the 2nd disadvantage is that it can take some time your edits gets displayed on the Main List when you edit a Template. But further testing will show what we can do here. (Roxanne 20th September 2018 - 20:02 CET+1)
    • Thanks, Rox for your update. No Edit Link for each letter list shows for me yet. (Sciaa)
      • They are the same Link right after each Letter.
      • No edit link after each letter -- even after I logged out and logged back in. -Sciaa
      • Ohh! Okay, I get it now. One has to do "View Source" > Expand "Templates used on this page" > Click "(edit)" beside "Template:PS2 Classics Emulator Compatibility List/(letter placeholder).
        • There is no need to go to „View Source“. Just use the „Edit“ Link right after each Letter from the Main List.
        • I still don't have (even now) that "edit" link after each letter from Main List so I had to use View Source. Maybe when all's back to normal. -Sciaa
          • And now ???
      • Oh no, the changes I made to "W" template (Way of Samurai and Way of Samurai 2) does not reflect on the "main list" page. -Sciaa
        • It seems that it can take up to roughly 12 hours. My edit from yesterday 8 pm is now on the Main List as well.
        • My Way of Samurai edits are now showing so yes, shows there's some delay for now. -Sciaa
          • Good to hear.