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  • Emotion Engine/EE - Graphics Processing Unit of the PS2.
  • EBOOT - This file will boot PS3 games, it contains various information, patches would have been released for eBoots signed with 3.55 or lowers Keys, so that they could be playable on 3.55.
  • ELF - Executable and Linkable Format, used for games in all successors of the PS1 (PSP, PS Vita, PS2, PS3 and PS4).
  • EMCS - Uniquely identifier of the Engineering, Manufacturing and Customer Services system that made the console.
  • EPROM - A type of memory that is erasable only by ultraviolet light
  • EEPROM - A type of erasable memory
  • ERK - Encryption Round Key
  • ESID - Effective Segment Identifier