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<sandungas> btw, the page TemplateTest has something wrong
<sandungas> try to edit the whole page... it shows some kind of problem
<sandungas> editing sections works normally
<sandungas> the problem only happens when clicking edit in the top right corner to edit the whole page
clicking edit when on page, links to /edit/TemplateTest&editintro=Template:Disambig_editintro and not /edit/TemplateTest
finding out which of the tons of templates is doing this will be a nightmare - I'll split the sections to a seperate page to see when it no longer is an issue, so we can pinpoint the troubling template
Euss (talk) 02:49, 21 April 2015 (UTC)
done so, and the issue is now in TemplateTest/Boxes - Euss (talk) 03:09, 21 April 2015 (UTC)
TemplateTest/Boxes/dmbox is the issue, personally I won't miss it when it is removed, it doesn't seem used anyhow

Table Test 5[edit]

Browser Result
Internet Explorer 11 No Problems
Google Chrome Every Fontsize is possible except "Fontsize=3"
Mozilla Firefox Every Fontsize is possible expect "Fontsize=8", "Fontsize=9" and "Fontsize=10"
Naenara Unknown
The horizontal alignment of cells in the nested internal tables fails when using too small font sizes, the problem appears with 10 pixels fonts or smaller. What happens is the cell size is calculated based on the text inside the cell and with 10 pixels fonts and smaller the cell size changes if the text is in bold, capitals, cursiva, or if it contains special signs. This effect doesnt happens with fonts bigger than 10 because bold, capital, cursiva, special signs doesnt makes any change to the cell size... hard to explain i guess and hard to realize about it, you can use the ATTRIBUTE table on PARAM.SFO page to change the font size temporally to 10 or smaller and see how the alignment of the table cells breaks
Im not sure if this is a problem only from my operative system, because my screen resolution, my webbrowser, mediawiki, etc...
The way to use the smaller font posible while preserving aligment is to start the table by specifying a font size of 11 pixels, with the style="font-size:11px;"

Sorry, but on my Laptop I don't see any differences. Can you make a screenshot please? Thank You in advance - Roxanne.

Can you give a screenshot please from your problem as described? I think with style="float:left" it could be helpful if using it multiple times with "left" or even with "center", "right" and so on - Roxanne.

10 px or smaller is broken
11 px or bigger is ok

Sorry Sandungas but there should be another reason why this happens on your PC since there is no change on mine :(
10px =
11px =

Is not about style "float", is about how mediawiki calculates dinamycally the table cell sizes based on "how much" space is used by the text, with bigger fonts every character takes the same size, but with very small sizes it doesnt, is calculated dinamically and i guess is using some rounding method that creates small pixel differences, this acccumulated for every cell in a big table creates big disaligments, in a small table with a couple of rows/columns using the same texts inside the cells is not notable

Did you tryed with other smaller sizes as 9, 8 and so on ? (not needed screencapture, im just curious, maybe there is a size where it breaks the alignment for you)
Maybe is because im using firefox and you are using chrome

Maybe we are both right. Now I tested it from fontsize 9 to fontsize 1 with both Google Chrome and Internet Explorer with the following results:
* On Internet Explorer the fontsize doesn't matter from 9 to 1 - the alligment is always correct
* On Google Chrome the alligment was correct from fontsize 9 to 4 and from 2 to 1 - but on fontsize 3, I got the same broken allignment as you. 

I been trying other smaller sizes and i just realized at sizes from 1 up to 7 the table rows are aligned correctlly in firefox, for sizes 8, 9, 10 is wrong (8,9,10 seems to be the only that gives problems for me), and sizes bigger than 11 are ok
I think is a method that rounds the numbers of pixels used to display fonts anyway and it can vary for every wiki user, in some way im glad you could replicate the problem (though at a different size), you have better english than me, can you please delete all this hidden text and write a short explain of the problem and a recomendation of how to avoid it for other wiki editors visible at top of the section ?. I think as a general rule is ok to say that is better to avoid using sizes smaller than 11 pixels
Also, feel free to change the nested tables examples... i thought in adding an example of nested tables in vertical but not so sure if is a bit pointless

There are a lot of other examples, especially on PS4DevWiki where Pages looks different for every user due to different Browser used, different Screen Resolutions and so on (like here = However, I tried it with "floating" the tables but with the same result. I think other Wiki's have similar problems with tables and we shoult keep it as it is but yes, we could write a recomendation about using multiple tables (or as you called it "Nested Tables"). Vertical nested tables should be pointless since as a Page gets more and more Text, the Size of the Page will be bigger vertically :)
For the Table on the PARAM.SFO page, you did everything right and I think we can leave it as it is. Also, your english isn't that bad. If there is something to criticize, then only the fact that for the next time, using the Talk Page is recommended for such "discussions" (and this hint comes from a non-native english speaker too :)