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Memory test diagnosis NVS flag[edit]

There is a NVS flag which enables a special diagnostic mode at startup. This flag is enabled on Proto/DECR. It allows memtest diagnose.


def check_bootrom_diag_mode(mode, param)
        diag_mode = get_eeprom_bootrom_diag()
        if diag_mode & 0x1:
                if diag_mode & 0x100:
                        return 0
                mode = (diag_mode >> 3) & 0x1
                param = (diag_mode >> 3) & 0x1
                mode = (diag_mode >> 1) & 0x1
                param = -1
        return 1

EEPROM Dumps[edit]

EEPROM Strings (CP memory dump, DECR)[edit] -> DEAD LINK

Bus Pirate stuff[edit]

(needs more wikifying)

On standby[edit]

  • Note: during this time the plaintext EEPROM is never read even once!
  • Additionally, the areas 0x26B0, 0x26D0 are not read
  • Checks status
  • Unlocks Write Command
  • Reads PATCH top half region
  • Reads PATCH bottom half region
  • Reads 0x2790?(0x20)
  • Reads 0x27B0?(0x10)
  • Reads 0x26D0 (0x10)
  • Reads some configs? (around >0x31XX area)
  • Reads 0x0 (0x10)
  • Reads some configs?
  • Reads 0x10(0x280) (EID1)?
  • Reads 0x3A00 (0x1)
  • Reads 0x290 (0x10) (EID1 CMAC?)
  • Reads 0x2A0 (0x20)
  • Reads 0x2C0 (0x20)
  • Reads 0x2E0 (0x20)
  • Writes some stuff to 0x2C0/0x2E0/0x2A0 (mostly ff's)
  • ReReads EID1 and CMAC
  • Reads 0x360
  • Reads 0x370
  • Writes (again) mostly ff's to 0x360 and 0x370
  • ReReads EID1 and CMAC
  • Does same process with 0x460 and 0x470
  • Reads 0x2710 and 0x2730 (0x20,0x10) ???
  • Reads 0x2700 (0x10)
  • fini!

MemoryMap Syscon BB Chip[edit]

0x1000-0x1FFF:PTCH Region (patch written here)