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Event ID[edit]

In "iris manager" version 2.35 or newer, there is a new function that displays the "event ID" on screen, this is limited to events that happens inside the iris enviroment but can be used to identify devices that are connected while iris is working

To display the "event ID" inside iris, first connect the device, then press Dualshock start button and then Dualshock select button

EventIDs used in GameOS[edit]

Event #ID Notes
Dualshock PS button 0x8d001604 "PS" button press (used in iris to mount a fake disc in "100% discless compatibility" mode)

Posible Device ID's[edit]

Feel free to erase this lines when proved or debunked

  • Portable sony consoles
    • PSP & PSP-Go Internal flash storage [1]
    • PS Vita Memory Card [2]

  • Other Sony devices & PlayStation Certified devices (Sony, Sharp, HTC, Fujitsu, Wikipad)
    • Sony Cameras
    • Sony Walkman, e.g.: The digital media player S series NW-S764 is recognized as ATRAC Audio Device.
    • Tablet and mobile phones related with the "playstation mobile apps compatibility"). e.g.: The Xperia Z SO-02E is an unknown device (albeit if being properly connected in Media transfer mode, it should be recognized as mass storage).

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