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Unused PS3 Motherboard Chipset ports: 3x TSIF Digital Video In , Analog Video In , Analog Audio In , 2x Video Out (HDMI,D4,A-DAC) , IEEE1394 Firewire , 1x PATA(IDE) - (alt URL: makes you wonder about the modifications possible :)

Nice list of components of the PS3:

Other nice (german) reference:

Guides / Teardowns :

This page is too long and needs to be condensed somehow. I think it contains too much duplication of information available somewhere else on the wiki. I propose to either remove the redundant parts of this page, or place it in a large sortable list (or separate, categorised lists) as per below:

Component Category Part# Description Datasheet
COK-001 Motherboards 1-871-868-12, 1-871-868-33, 1-871-868-32 Used in CECHAxx & CECHBxx
COK-002 Motherboards 1-873-513-21, 1-873-513-31 Used in CECHCxx & CECHExx
SEM-001 Motherboards 1-875-384-11, 1-875-384-21, 1-875-384-31 Used in CECHGxx
Toshiba SSM3K15FU SSM3K15FU N-Channel MOSFET, 30V, 100mA Datasheet
Accupack Li-Ion LIP1359, US323450 3.7V 570mAh, 2.1Wh, Max Current: 0.4A, Max Charge: 4.2V Datasheet

I would appreciate suggestions/comments on this Admin 20:10, 15 January 2012 (CST)

Try large list first and after remove the redundant parts if necessary?

The page was intended as simple static index (as can be read in the foreword of page). Length is currently 50,045 bytes (24rd longest page) with 8,384 views (34th favorite). Imo the work does not outweight the result, as the tabled page will be larger in bytesize and alot less easy to maintain. If scrolllength is the issue, then perhaps collapsable (spoiler tag like) block sections would be alot more interesting Euss

Peripherals & HDD's can be separated to other pages (are not exactly components)... Peripherals can grow in the future with unofficiall devices, mods, etc...