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U.K. + Guernsey, Isle of Man, Jersey (British Isles) & Ireland region release of CUH-10xxA series

The Console Code for the Game Killzone Exclusive PS4 Bundle, the full code is CUH-1003A/B01 as can be seen in images below, this console was also manufactured in Japan like earlier rumours suggested:

Same as ( CUH-1000A  ·   CUH-1001A  ·   CUH-1002A  ·   CUH-1003A  ·   CUH-1004A  ·   CUH-1005A  ·   CUH-1006A  ·   CUH-1007A  ·   CUH-1008A  ·   CUH-1009A  ·   CUH-1010A  ·   CUH-1011A  ·   CUH-1012A  ·   CUH-1013A  ·   CUH-1014A  ·   CUH-1015A  ·   CUH-1016A ) Hardware/firmware is all the same, the last 2 numbers are the region indicator. For regional specific differences, see their subpage.