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ChatGPT Testing Area[edit source]

Name Europe.png PAL United States.png NTSC-U/C Japan.png NTSC-J Notes
Game # Unplayable Unplayable PS2 Classics
Game A Playable ? ?
Game B ? Minor Issues ?
Game C ? ? Major Issues
Game D Unplayable Unplayable ?
Game E ? PS2 Classics PS2 Classics
Game F Playable ? Playable
Game G Minor Issues Minor Issues Minor Issues
Game H Not Available ? ?
Game I ? Available ?
Game J ? ? ?
Game K Playable Minor Issues ?
Game L ? Major Issues Minor Issues
Game M Unplayable ? Major Issues
Game N Available Available Available
Game O Not Available PS2 Classics PS2 Classics
Game P Not Available Not Available Not Available
Game Q Minor Issues Minor Issues Playable
Game R Major Issues Unplayable Unplayable
Game S PS2 Classics Available PS2 Classics
Game T ? Not Available Available
Game U Playable Minor Issues Major Issues
Game V ? Unplayable Available
Game W Playable Playable Playable
Game X Major Issues Major Issues Major Issues
Game Y Unplayable Unplayable Unplayable
Game Z PS2 Classics PS2 Classics PS2 Classics
Total Games = 21: 3 Games are "Playable" · 4 Games have "Minor Issues" · 4 Games have "Major Issues" · 5 Games are "Unplayable" · 5 Games are "Official PS2 Classics"