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Network Errorcodes[edit]

Network Errorcodes
Value No. Description
(undefined) -0x01 Internal error for protocol stack
SCE_NET_ENOENT 0x02 No resources are in wait state
SCE_NET_EINTR 0x04 Blocking canceled by abort function
SCE_NET_EBADF 0x09 Invalid Net library ID specified
SCE_NET_ENOMEM 0x0C Insufficient memory (kernel)
SCE_NET_EACCES 0x0D Attempted to use an area reserved by the system
Attempted to send to a broadcast address
SCE_NET_EFAULT 0x0E Invalid address specified
SCE_NET_ENOTBLK 0x0F Abort process called while target is not in wait state
SCE_NET_EBUSY 0x10 The Net library already initialized
SCE_NET_EEXIST 0x11 SCE_NET_EPOLL_CTL_ADD specified to previously associated Net library ID
SCE_NET_ENODEV 0x13 Target device does not exist
SCE_NET_EINVAL 0x16 Invalid argument specified
SCE_NET_EMFILE 0x18 Insufficient space in table
SCE_NET_ENOSPC 0x1C Size specified with dst is too small to store string
SCE_NET_EPIPE 0x20 Writing side of socket already closed
0x23 Socket is in blocking state (when non-blocking)

Timeout occurred (when SCE_NET_SO_SNDTIMEO or SCE_NET_SO_RCVTIMEO socket option is specified)

SCE_NET_EINPROGRESS 0x24 Attempting to establish a connection
SCE_NET_EALREADY 0x25 Socket is already in use
SCE_NET_EDESTADDRREQ 0x27 Invalid send request (sceNetSendto() should be used)
SCE_NET_EMSGSIZE 0x28 Message size is too large
SCE_NET_EPROTOTYPE 0x29 Unsupported protocol type was specified
SCE_NET_ENOPROTOOPT 0x2A Unsupported option was specified
SCE_NET_EPROTONOSUPPORT 0x2B Invalid protocol family
SCE_NET_EOPNOTSUPP 0x2D Invalid call for that socket
SCE_NET_EPFNOSUPPORT 0x2E Unsupported protocol family was specified
SCE_NET_EAFNOSUPPORT 0x2F Value of specified address family is not supported by socket protocol family
SCE_NET_EADDRINUSE 0x30 Attempted to bind to bound port
SCE_NET_EADDRNOTAVAIL 0x31 Invalid address specified
SCE_NET_ENETDOWN 0x32 Interface is down
SCE_NET_ENETUNREACH 0x33 Destination is unreachable
SCE_NET_ECONNABORTED 0x35 Connection was aborted
SCE_NET_ECONNRESET 0x36 Connection was reset
SCE_NET_ENOBUFS 0x37 Memory limited (kernel work area is insufficient)
SCE_NET_EISCONN 0x38 Specified connection is already established
SCE_NET_ENOTCONN 0x39 Specified connection does not exist
SCE_NET_ESHUTDOWN 0x3A Shutdown in progress
SCE_NET_ETOOMANYREFS 0x3B Too many multicast addresses specified
SCE_NET_ETIMEDOUT 0x3C Timeout occurred (indicates a protocol timeout, unlike SCE_NET_EAGAIN)
SCE_NET_ECONNREFUSED 0x3D Connection request was denied
SCE_NET_ENAMETOOLONG 0x3F Specified name is too long
SCE_NET_EHOSTDOWN 0x40 Destination is down and unreachable
SCE_NET_EHOSTUNREACH 0x41 Network unreachable
SCE_NET_ENOTEMPTY 0x42 Memory is in use
SCE_NET_ECANCELED 0x57 Termination process of Net library ID in use was executed
SCE_NET_EADHOC 0xA0 UDP or TCP was attempted in the ad hoc communication mode
SCE_NET_ERESERVED161 0xA1 (Internal error)
SCE_NET_ERESERVED162 0xA2 (Internal error)
SCE_NET_ERESERVED163 0xA3 (Internal error)
SCE_NET_ENODATA 0xA4 (Internal error)
SCE_NET_EDESC 0xA5 (Internal error)
SCE_NET_EDESCTIMEDOUT 0xA6 (Internal error)
SCE_NET_ENOTINIT 0xC8 Net library not initialized
SCE_NET_ENOLIBMEM 0xC9 Insufficient memory (library)
SCE_NET_ECALLBACK 0xCB (Internal error)
SCE_NET_EINTERNAL 0xCC Fatal internal error
SCE_NET_ERETURN 0xCD NetCtl library error was returned
SCE_NET_ENOALLOCMEM 0xCE Cannot allocate memory
SCE_NET_RESOLVER_EINTERNAL 0xDC Fatal internal error
SCE_NET_RESOLVER_EBUSY 0xDD Resolver was in use
SCE_NET_RESOLVER_ENOSPACE 0xDE Insufficient memory (library)
SCE_NET_RESOLVER_ENODNS 0xE1 DNS server not specified
SCE_NET_RESOLVER_ENOSUPPORT 0xE3 Unsupported function requested by server
SCE_NET_RESOLVER_EFORMAT 0xE4 Invalid response from server
SCE_NET_RESOLVER_ESERVERFAILURE 0xE5 Temporary error from server
SCE_NET_RESOLVER_ENOHOST 0xE6 Inquired host name does not exist
SCE_NET_RESOLVER_ENOTIMPLEMENTED 0xE7 Inquired function is not implemented
SCE_NET_RESOLVER_ENORECORD 0xE9 Inquired record does not exist