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* t4nk476 ([email protected]) entered #ps3downgrade
<t4nk476> Hi everyone.
<t4nk476> I need help my PS4 is stuck on STAFF MODE !
<t4nk476> I have a PS4 DEMO and i can't play Games
<t4nk476> When the ps4 boot i have a blue screen where i can't select anything
<t4nk476> then I unlock with R1+R2+L1+L2+UP+SHARE then i'm on STAFF MODE i can go on XMB but i can't launch anything
<t4nk476> it's not SHARE but OPTION
<eussNL> what is the model number?
<t4nk476> model CUH 1004A
<t4nk476> my ps4 is still stuck on blue screen where i can't select anything
<t4nk476> I can put a game the game appears but i can't do anything
<t4nk476> The OMSK APP is still working
<t4nk476> I think that OMSK does'n give me right to activate the ps4
<t4nk476> the ps4 boot as soon as i plug the power supply
PS4 IDU stuck at blue screen
* t4nk019 ([email protected]) entered #ps4dev
<t4nk019> Can anyone help me with my PS4 IDU stuck at blue screen
<t4nk019> I can only enter in staff mode in this screen
<t4nk019> I took a picture of the blue screen

1. Reset to factory PS4 2. Complete Initial Setup *Keep Ethernet disconnected and do NOT setup wireless* SKIP NETWORKING 3. Once booted, access staff mode 4. While in staff mode, setup network 5. Turn Network ON 6. as soon as "staff mode" message changes to "please wait, updating idu..." turn networking OFF

You can now play disc games, unfortunately, the "updating idu" message stays there. If OMSK installs, too late.