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Target Manager API Reference[edit]


Enumerated Types[edit]

  • eApplicationState: Application state.
  • eAttachFlags: Attach Options.
  • eCompatibleVersion: Exported compatibility number.
  • eConnectionLevel: The connection level of a target.
  • eConnectionState: The connection state of a target.
  • eConsoleOutputCategory: Console input/output type.
  • eConsoleOutputPID: Special process ID constants.
  • eConsoleOutputPort: Console input/output channels.
  • eConsoleOutputState: Console output state bitmask.
  • eControlDevice: Controller devices.
  • eCoreDumpType: The type of core file to generate.
  • eDetachFlags: Detach Options.
  • eDevice: File system devices supported by the target.
  • eErrorCode: The errors returned by the API.
  • eEventCategory: ViewerEventHeader::Category values.
  • eFiberState: State of a fiber.
  • eFsDeviceState: The state of the target device.
  • eFsDriveLetter: Special values for the FileSystem drive letter.
  • eHardwareBreakpointId: Special hardware breakpoint ID constants.
  • eHardwareBreakPtAttr: Hardware Break Attributes.
  • eHardwareBreakPtFlags: Hardware break point flags.
  • eHardwareWatchPtAttr: Hardware Watchpoint Attributes.
  • eHwAttributes: Bit mask of Hardware Information attributes.
  • eLoadMainThreadPriority: The range of valid main thread priorities supported by ITarget.LoadProcessEx.
  • eLoadOptions: Bit mask of options for ITarget.LoadProcessEx.
  • eLoadStackSize: The range of valid stack sizes supported by ITarget.LoadProcessEx.
  • eLoggingLevel: Logging level.
  • eMemoryBlockAttr: Memory block attributes.
  • eMemoryBlockAttr2: Memory block attributes2.
  • eMemoryFlags: A bitmask of the memory flags.
  • eMemoryType: The memory type.
  • eModuleFlags: Module Flags.
  • eModuleStatus: Module Status.
  • eModuleTypes: Module types.
  • eNetworkInterface: Network interface type,
  • eNetworkInterfaceType: Network interface type,
  • eOrbisMutexAttrib: Orbis mutex attributes.
  • ePFSFlags: PFS start-up options.
  • ePixelFormat: The format of the pixel data.
  • ePlayGoLocusType: PlayGo locus type.
  • ePowerOperation: Power operation type.
  • ePowerProgress: Status of a power operation.
  • ePowerStatus: Power status of the target.
  • eProcessAttr: Bitmask of various process attributes.
  • eProtectionFlags: The protection bitmask of the memory.
  • eProtocols: Protocols.
  • eRegisters: Register Constants.
  • eScreenShotMode: No brief description specified.
  • eSegmentAttr: Segment attributes.
  • eSettingType: The value type of a setting.
  • eSocketFlags: Socket flags,
  • eSocketPolicy: Socket flags,
  • eSocketState: Socket state,
  • eSocketType: Socket type,
  • eSoftwareBreakPtAttr: Software Break Attributes.
  • eSoftwareWatchPtAttr: Software Watchpoint Attributes.
  • eStopNotificationReason: Stop Notification Reasons.
  • eThreadInfoFlags: A bit mask for decoding thread info flags.
  • eThreadPolicy: Thread scheduling policy.
  • eThreadState: Thread state bitmask.
  • eThreadType: Thread type.
  • eThreadWaitState: Thread wait state.
  • eUltQueueOp: ULT queue operation.
  • eUltRwlockOp: ULT read-write lock operation.
  • eUltRwlockStatus: ULT read-write lock status.
  • eUltThreadType: The type of a IUlOrKernelTID.
  • eUpdateErrorState: State of target after update failed.
  • eUserLevelThreadState: State of a user level thread.