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Savegames are stored encrypted inside /user/home/user Id/title Id/save data directory/sce_sys/

files contained within:


Savegames may be copied from PS4 to a USB mass storage device.

They will be located at USB:\PS4\SAVEDATA\user Id\title Id\


Every savegame contains 4 files:

1) Data file

- size frequently 10.485.760 bytes (bf4 : 18.874.368 bytes)

From To Description
0000 00AF Header (176 bytes)
00B0 00B7 Magic Block (8 bytes)
00B8 036F Block (704 bytes)
0370 039F Block (48 bytes)
03A0 7FFF Empty Block (31.840 bytes)
8000 eof Data Block (? bytes)

2) Key file

3) param.sfo

4) icon0.png

Files(/user/home/user Id/title Id/)[edit]

When dumping files using FTP you might see your files similar to this structure

   ├── Title ID                                
   │   ├── SAVEDATA00.bin                       /*This File Holds the pfsSKKey*/
   │   ├── sdimg_SAVEDATA00                     /*This is the encrypted save file*/