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ISO.BIN.EDATs differ for PSISOs and NP Minis, maybe they should be split???

I have not taked a look at the others, but it depends if the differences are more than the things in common. The page is small by now, can be added other sections and even renaming the whole page to something more "general" that fits all them. Also is needed to know if "ps2 classics" is using something similar sandungas

  • "ps2 classics" iso.bin.edat only contains its title id, there is a file called CONFIG, its kind of NPD Format too and prolly contains the disc map. Mysis

for the dungas (TOC crap, please fix)[edit source]

Using the .TOC from Sony documents as an example:
  A0 01
  A1 14
  A2 63:02:18
  01 00:02:00
  02 04:11:25
  03 08:02:50
  04 11:47:62
  13 53:24:25
  14 57:03:25