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I have reverted your edit on, 3 reasons:

  1. The way it was added, made it not visible in template
  2. Lasers are sub of Bluray Drive
  3. Information was wrong (see above link, the 2500 series have KES-460A/KES-470A laser (and most propably have BD460/BD470 drive with BMD-051 or newer daughterboard), incapable of driving oldest (up to CECHG / SEM-001) single lens lasers.

greets, Euss

Thanks you for the edit and sorry for my mistake.

And again thanks you for this wiki place.

Informations were from a ps3 slim European (3.50 min or so app from what i remenber), generated by data.pkg (tools who isn t accurate also for SACD) but file were overwritten from .txt fat ps3:

Dumping PS3 Model Data:

- PS3 System Product Code:     0x85	(Retail - Europe)
- PS3 Motherboard Revision: 0x0B	(JTP-001 Motherboard, Revision 1)
- PS3 BD-Laser Revision:    0x04	(KES-400, SACD supported)

Probable Model: CECH-2504A

Raw Model Data:

  Byte 0:		0x00
  Byte 1:		0x01
  Byte 2:		0x00
  Byte 3:		0x85
  Byte 4:		0x00
  Byte 5:		0x0B
  Byte 6:		0x00
  Byte 7:		0x04
  Byte 7:		0x04

Ah, right, that tool has it all wrong indeed. Based on the Product Code 0x85 / IDPS 0x0B it should already know it isnt SA-CD capable and that it is a Slim with modern BD. Euss