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This template makes a blue box appear that includes the current time and the amount of articles on Wikipedia at this moment. Put this at the top of your user page or your talk page. It is meant as a user space page header.

Note that this template adheres to the preferences of the user viewing the page. If you are comfortable with the American date format (August 24, 2021) but are viewing the Commonwealth format (24 August 2021), then you may change it by going to your preferences, and clicking on the Date and Time tab.


{{Right now
| collapsible = <!-- yes|no -->
| boxcolor    = 
| bordercolor = 
| roundvalue  = <!-- Only works in Mozilla-compatible web browsers -->
| textcolor   =


{{Right now}}
text-align:center; color: #000000"
Today is Tuesday, 24 August 2021, and the current time is 16:50 (UTC/GMT). There are currently 1,528 articles.
{{Right now
| collapsible = yes
| boxcolor    = gray
| bordercolor = black
| roundvalue  = 12
| textcolor   = white
text-align:center; color: white"

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