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RCO TOC reference types

reference_type pointer Method Loader Loads From Example (XML) Notes
0xFFFF0000 0xFFFFFFFF n/a All Nothing None <Entry reference="nothing">
0x04000000 relative event: RCOXML Objects
RCOXML Animations
Code function Associated .SPRX <Entry event="event:native:/runFuctionX">
ScriptTree/Script File inside RCO <Entry event="event:script:/main/runFuctionX">
0x04010000 # (0-based) text: RCOXML Objects
TextTree/Text Strings inside RCO <Entry text="text:msg_mytext">
0x04020000 absolute image: RCOXML Objects
ImageTree/Image File inside RCO <Entry image="image:tex_mytexture">
0x04030000 absolute model: RCOXML Objects ModelTree/Model File inside RCO <Entry model="model:mymodel">
0x04040000 absolute ? sound: ? associated .SPRX SoundTree/Sound File inside RCO <Entry sound="sound:mysound"> ? speculation
0x04050000 absolute font: RCOXML Objects FontTree/Font File inside RCO ? <Entry font="font:fontstyle_sanserif">
0x04060000 absolute ? anim2: ? RCOXML Objects ? AnimTree/Animation ? RCOXML code ? <Entry anim2="anim2:myanimation"> ? speculation
0x04070000 absolute object2: RCOXML Objects ObjectTree/Object RCOXML code <Entry object2="object2:plane_myplane">
0x04080000 absolute anim: RCOXML Animations AnimTree/Animation RCOXML code <Entry anim="anim:myanimation">
0x04090000 absolute object: RCOXML Animations ObjectTree/Object RCOXML code <Entry object="object:plane_myplane">
  • A reference attribute is composed by two values, the first is the reference_type that indicates the "tree" of the entry that is going to be loaded, and the second is a pointer to a text string with the label of the entry that is going to be loaded
  • The reference_type event doesnt loads an entry from a "tree" though, it runs a code function from either a .sprx (by storing the text native:/ as part of the text string inside the RCO) or from a VSMX script (by storing the text script:/ as part of the text string inside the RCO)
  • First two bytes are swapped based on architecture (PSP in little endian, PS3 in big endian). The table shows the values in big endian