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Temperatures commonly seen[edit]

Note: PS3 manual explicitly states:

Ambient :: Operating temperature 5°C - 35°C (41°F - 95°F)"
CPU RSX Model Activity
68 70 CECH2001A (CFW 4.84.2 REX/D-REX Rebug) 5 Minutes Idle/In Game @ 50% Fan Speed (Ambient ?, IHS Original)(ARCTIC MX-4 2019 Edition)
62 65 CECH2001A (CFW 4.84.2 REX/D-REX Rebug) 5 Minutes Idle/In Game @ 65% Fan Speed (Ambient ?, IHS Original)(ARCTIC MX-4 2019 Edition)
78 74 CECHG01 3 hours of Last of Us (Ambient 30°C, IHS fix)
73 66 CECHG01 3 hours of Fallout 3 (Ambient 26°C, IHS fix)
70 63 CECHG01 1 hour movie in Movian (Ambient 26°C, IHS fix)
66 60 CECHG01 1 hour idle in Movian (Ambient 26°C, IHS fix)
73 66 CECHL04 Hours of Ratchet gaming (Ambient 26°C, no IHS fix, fan speed 28%)
75 60 CECHG04 Hours of Ratchet gaming (Ambient 24°C, IHS fix, fan speed 38%)
67 66 CECH2508 After one hour gaming
48 51 CECH2501A idle
51 54 CECH2501A after 20min gaming
70 CECH2501A 5minutes idle with temp tool
45 50 CECH2501A idle
60 65 CECH2501A after 1h gaming
82 68 40GB FAT after 20min use
57 59 CECH2004B idle
65 70 CECH2004B after gaming
61 68 CECH2004B after gaming with extra cooling
37 42 CECHC04 after coldboot
40 45 CECHC04 after 10min idle on XMB
43 50 CECHC04 after 30min gameplay
75 45 CECHC04 room temps 15'C
50 45 CECHG idle on XMB
54 50 CECHG after 20min gaming
48 42 CECHL03 after coldboot
79 54 CECHL03 after 20min gaming
60 60 CECH2501B after coldboot
61 63 CECH2501B 20min idle on XMB
63 67 CECH2501B after gaming
65 70 CECH2501B after 30min gaming
80 61 80GB FAT after coldboot
47 52 CECH2503B idle
62 62 CECH2503B after using mmCM a while
34 27 CECH2504B coldboot
58 58 CECH2504B idle
70 72 CECH2504B after 2 hours of gaming
62 54 CECHC03 idle in multiman
71 61 CECHC03 after 30min gaming
63 67 CECH2503B after 40min gaming
69 70 CECH25xx after 60min idle
65 66 CECH25xx after 60min idle
45 50 CECH25xx idle in multiman
71 56 CECHG03
73 67 CECHA01 after 30min gaming
58 55 CECHL03 idle on XMB 2h, fancontroller on 40%
65 61 CECHL03 after 2h gaming, fancontroller on 40%
58 55 CECHL03 idle on XMB 2h, fancontroller on 100%
72 67 CECHL03 after gaming, fancontroller on 100%
66 68 CECH-25xx after45min gaming
57 48 40GB FAT idle
80 68 40GB FAT after watching 1080p MKV 2.5h
59 59 CECH2002A idle in multiman, horizontal
34 27 CECHL04 coldboot with dualfan 80mm mod
47 33 CECHL04 after 15min idle in XMB with dualfan 80mm mod
51 36 CECHL04 after 30min gaming with dualfan 80mm mod
60 53 CECHH01 idle in multiman
63 55 CECHH01 after 2h gaming
65 54 CECHC03 after 1h idle in multiman
78 60 CECHG03 after 1h idle in multiman
61 61 CECH2503B after 1h idle in multiman
58 48 CECHL04 after coldboot
68 58 CECHL04 after idle a while
49 36 CECHL04 after coldboot, with added PS3Z easy cool
57 41 CECHL04 after idle a while, with added PS3Z easy cool
41 37 CECH2004 after coldboot, with PS3Z easy cool
45 42 CECH2004 idle 20min in multiman, with PS3Z easy cool
46 44 CECH2004 after 20min gaming, with PS3Z easy cool
46 42 CECH2004 idle 15min, with PS3Z easy cool
46 42 CECH2004 watching 20min 1080 MKV, with PS3Z easy cool
72 62 CECHA01 idle 30min in multiman
70 64 CECHK04 After 2H Playing Gran turismo 6
54 57 CECH-2504A 0D About 2H of GT6. Drilled holes above the fan, MX4 TIM.


  • Read out is done with multiman or temperature readout homebrew and notated here in degrees celcius
  • The values inside multiman (or other apps not specifics for temperature tests) are meassuring the processing/graphics load of this app. Comparisons between different apps (or versions of the same app) are not accurate
  • Depending of the internal design of each model, from a "fresh" start the time needed to stabilish the temperature can vary around 1 hour. Comparisons between not-stable temperatures are not accurate
  • When in a stable temperature, there is always a fixed difference between CELL and RSX, for slim series is around +-2ºC (this depends of each model and how close are one of the other, also depends of the temperature of the whole motherboard/console, included metal parts and plastic case)

Thermal Paste[edit]

Overheat warning[edit]

Photo of the overheat warning message using "notification window" (at topright corner in main XMB )

The text is loaded from path: dev_flash/vsh/resource/system_plugin.rco/Text/<language>.xml (localized for all languages). Example from English.xml extracted from the .rco with rcomage:

	<Text name="msg_error_console_hot_pls_restart">The system has become hot. Please turn off the system and wait a while before turning it on again.</Text>

The icon (a caution white circle with an admiration mark inside) displayed at left inside the notification window... is loaded from dev_flash/vsh/resource/system_plugin.rco/Images/tex_notification_caution.png (the conversion to .png is made by rcomage, is not really a .png inside the .rco container... images inside .rco's doesnt uses file extensions)

All the other images inside system_plugin.rco with names starting with tex_notification_* are icons intended to be displayed inside notification window (13 images in total)

The frame of the notification window itself (a grey square with a darkest grey border that is scaled accordingly with the text displayed)... is loaded from the same .rco and is named tex_notification.png... this image can be replaced by using a Theme

Note how the text (msg_error_console_hot_pls_restart) and the icon (tex_notification_caution), are refered by his names in the code below

VSH Code[edit]

Example 4.23
seg001:00000000000C472C loc_C472C:                              # CODE XREF: sub_C4708+2E4�j
seg001:00000000000C472C                 addi      r3, r1, 0xD0+var_38
seg001:00000000000C4730                 addi      r4, r1, 0xD0+var_40
seg001:00000000000C4734                 addi      r5, r1, 0xD0+var_48
seg001:00000000000C4738                 clrldi    r3, r3, 32
seg001:00000000000C473C                 clrldi    r4, r4, 32
seg001:00000000000C4740                 clrldi    r5, r5, 32
seg001:00000000000C4744                 li        r6, 1
seg001:00000000000C4748                 bl        sys_sm_get_ext_event2  (lv2 syscall 0x17A)
seg001:00000000000C474C                 cmpwi     cr7, r3, 0
seg001:00000000000C4750                 bne       cr7, loc_C47DC
seg001:00000000000C4754                 ld        r0, 0xD0+var_38(r1)
seg001:00000000000C4758                 cmpdi     cr7, r0, 5
seg001:00000000000C475C                 beq       cr7, loc_C47A4
seg001:00000000000C4760                 cmpdi     cr7, r0, 7
seg001:00000000000C4764                 beq       cr7, console_hot
seg001:00000000000C4768                 cmpdi     cr7, r0, 3
seg001:00000000000C476C                 bne       cr7, loc_C47DC
seg001:00000000000C4770                 li        r3, 1
seg001:00000000000C4774                 bl        _Export_vshmain_87BB0001_dialogpoweroff
seg001:00000000000C4778                 ld        r0, 0xD0+var_40(r1)
seg001:00000000000C477C                 cmpdi     cr7, r0, 0
seg001:00000000000C4780                 bne       cr7, loc_C47DC
seg001:00000000000C4784                 lis       r9, ((byte_6FEAB4+0x10000)@h)
seg001:00000000000C4788                 lbz       r0, byte_6FEAB4@l(r9)
seg001:00000000000C478C                 cmpwi     cr7, r0, 0
seg001:00000000000C4790                 beq       cr7, loc_C47DC
seg001:00000000000C4794                 lis       r9, ((dword_6FEAC0+0x10000)@h)
seg001:00000000000C4798                 li        r0, 1
seg001:00000000000C479C                 stw       r0, dword_6FEAC0@l(r9)
seg001:00000000000C47A0                 b         loc_C4804
seg001:00000000000C47A4 # ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
seg001:00000000000C47A4 loc_C47A4:                              # CODE XREF: sub_C4708+54�j
seg001:00000000000C47A4                 ld        r3, 0xD0+var_40(r1)
seg001:00000000000C47A8                 xori      r3, r3, 2
seg001:00000000000C47AC                 addic     r0, r3, -1
seg001:00000000000C47B0                 subfe     r3, r0, r3
seg001:00000000000C47B4                 subfic    r3, r3, 3
seg001:00000000000C47B8                 clrldi    r3, r3, 32
seg001:00000000000C47BC                 bl        _Export_vshmain_87BB0001_dialogpoweroff
seg001:00000000000C47C0                 b         loc_C47DC
seg001:00000000000C47C4 # ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
seg001:00000000000C47C4 console_hot:                              # CODE XREF: sub_C4708+5C�j
seg001:00000000000C47C4                 lis       r3, ((aMsg_error_cons+0x10000)@h) # "msg_error_console_hot_pls_restart"
seg001:00000000000C47C8                 lis       r4, ((aTex_notifica_1+0x10000)@h) # "tex_notification_caution"
seg001:00000000000C47CC                 addi      r3, r3, -0x17C0 # aMsg_error_cons
seg001:00000000000C47D0                 addi      r4, r4, -0x1840 # aTex_notifica_1
seg001:00000000000C47D4                 li        r5, 0
seg001:00000000000C47D8                 bl        sub_C4494     # msg_error_console_hot_pls_restart  tex_notification_caution