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SYSCON KeySlot Keys[edit]

0x000: A46BA2B83D4E7EE559F239E0087A3808  //0x00 Key
0x010: 5794BC8C2131B1E3E7EC61EF14C32EB5  //EID1 FLASH/CMAC KEY
0x020: 88228B0F92C4C36AF097F1FE948D27CE  //EID1 EEPROM/CMAC KEY
0x030: A09631B4F8AFC77780CB6C9EEB0870FC  //Used for SNVS
0x040: 48FF6BFA9C172C6E14AE444419CAF676  //Used for INIT (Used to obtain keys for 0x2A0 0x2B0 0x2C0 and 0x2D0) (encrypt 0x00 keyseed at eid1 with this key once for first, twice for second, thrice for third, and four times for last)
0x050: 9F1DF816BB4A4A0129D031CFB0AD9B30  //lv0::secure_com_lib_internal_key::session_key_create_key_0x00
0x060: D302FDE17578FBDBA1058449BA5C1BEA  //lv0::secure_com_lib_internal_key::session_key_create_key_0x01
0x070: 0E6B7480E5CEB2562A3347BB41012455  //lv0::secure_com_lib_internal_key::session_key_create_key_0x02
0x080: 7910AC5D2AD16001F6A2783979096103  //lv0::secure_com_lib_internal_key::session_key_create_key_0x03
0x090: E3052804B7D2836F2879A1751BB40D48  //lv0::secure_com_lib_internal_key::session_key_create_key_0x04
0x0A0: EF586F9D599170676850590BA67D4BC7  //lv0::secure_com_lib_internal_key::session_key_create_key_0x05
0x0B0: 5D9598637AF25F8023623B1268B5131A  //lv0::secure_com_lib_internal_key::session_key_create_key_0x06
0x0C0: 0EAA32140A2861D8659626F6CE2286DB  //lv0::secure_com_lib_internal_key::session_key_create_key_0x07
0x0D0: 5EC26719DD05CF73E36358DEEC6EF10E  //Used to encrypt keyseed 0x110 and forge time key 0x00 for second layer or keyseed 0x150 for first layer
0x0E0: 85BFE5F04826819F754F4B735438105B  //Used to encrypt keyseed 0x120 and forge time key 0x01 for second layer or keyseed 0x150 for first layer
0x0F0: 767A0AA40672D75C2C57665243466FE0  //Used to encrypt keyseed 0x130 and forge time key 0x02 for second layer or keyseed 0x150 for first layer
0x100: 8D904F16239C6C56D20C3AAE424B6FDF  //Used to encrypt keyseed 0x140 and forge time key 0x03 for second layer or keyseed 0x150 for first layer
0x110: A3ADB99A21E47ADFF3FD7FC3173981CA  //lv0::secure_com_lib_internal_key::BE_SC_PayloadKey
0x120: 6933CEE7A518E5B8CBE1FC14B261B765  //lv0::secure_com_lib_internal_key::SC_BE_PayloadKey
0x130: 1762C80CA86683B7E76FE3853CCFE5DB  //AUTH related
0x140: 0B3C10FF47FC9D3437CA80952CAE9170  //binary_patch_xorkey1
0x150: 8CD72FD3E1E537CB51D6F1FEEEB5CE4C  //Archaic/Fallback key for encrypting 0x170 used to decrypt 0x2700
0x160: DED8B76BF948E396BDCF74F1DE1C64E4  //0x2710 Key
0x170: 7AB230EAD7DD151695878AEBB20812BC  //0x2760 Key
0x180: 210623DCA298994DFE87F840FC481CBF  //0x2790 Key
0x190: 7073147F753089CC7256D37113032E3C  //0x26B0 0x26E0 0x26F0 key
0x1A0: A8DF3DBB4D0B526A0EAE3039C6A04F90  //0x26C0 Key 
0x1B0: 259A8A939591C7D11CBA8682EEC7D50E  //0x26D0 key
0x1C0: 0DC5F3557D30FE5DA4C2025FC6539AC2
0x1D0: 179C503127A8E8F594437B1C108357A7  //0x2700 Key
0x1E0: 9DABE2F04000E6B1F50AB83D40D0557C  
0x1F0: 0935CC5123B33E6F10B63FE9DF2DC45F
0x200: 95C1751D2E8DACD240601CCD574E0719
0x210: 1D73B463CDB1F83569F06E50A642D855
0x220: 55A8E40D2AB591023B73227F2EAFE64C
0x230: 96ADD8F0A5244ABE9510F8EAB49972C4
0x240: A4DF5DE17AC739EB4E8099C2E46B2307
0x250: C1B18434EB022E09C729F15A09DFDF14
0x260: EF20E99282934F9AF14104B0F898DC11
0x270: 0678B72470078E1A0E0277CCB88B0F83
0x290: 3064E15DC05DC9A980DE02D9D49DCD18
0x2A0: 2113A661B89C1997A184036B9E17E085
0x2B0: 3EA37A4BF626183B5FF0A68D38CAFBF3
0x2C0: 0F342375B23EC2D02E6D2C4B97718E17
0x2D0: A867E44E51F394E281D9D6CBE6CB060A
0x2E0: 1ABB99A51544067BBA2BFB3812BA665E
0x2F0: F6FBA159EA3E2E060697E7A6BB57962F
0x300: 56833AFFCD666B2F8C9C8F77CABE72E5
0x310: C07F2D5DD66F5A423C3961B1C1727344
0x320: 0AC71FD7342CE320CEB86FA00472028F
0x330: 8D09452C7AD83C78AD1CE8D5B4249EBB
0x340: B37850A33DCF902EF9E419555279731B
0x350: EB224C1515FB354C5D766E8194F07433
0x360: F37150D7DB408521CDBB46C251970A1B
0x370: 23DD68A9764D598BE27BCFDDDAA1BD31
0x380: 3D2F75AF278184B146EB713DC689C46E
0x390: 4FD28840E70F2AA0C57130BED1B24E62
0x3A0: C1AFAD346B096A6E614386246A5788AA
0x3B0: 00B4467C2C6077B9A3A51B11B3034E7E
0x3C0: B265C5457B066F7E5037C6B0524A72E8
0x3D0: 2B826B3100E6A649F7D80F30C812EF77
0x3F0: B2A7421C8757427FC46F2C29DB9E76ED

EID Structure[edit]

EID is made of 6 "partitions" from EID0 to EID5.


EID0 embeds 11 sections.

EID0 Section[edit]

  • Size: 0xC0 bytes.
Description Length Note
Data 0x10 contains the actual data of the file (either idps or psid)
plaintext public key 0x28 contains the section's public key (without padding)
R 0x14 part of the ecdsa signature pair (r,s)
S 0x14 part of the ecdsa signature pair (r,s)
public key 0x28 ecdsa public key (can be used to verify ecdsa signature RS)
encrypted private key 0x20 encrypted blob that contains the section's private key (with padding)
cmac 0x10 hash of the previous information in CMAC mode
padding 0x8 zero byte padding for AES 128 bits encryption


  • Size: 0x2A0 bytes.
Offset Length Description
0 0x10 INIT Seed
0x10 0x80 AUTH1 Reencrypted Keyseeds
0x90 0x80 AUTH2 Reencrypted Keyseeds
0x110 0x40 Keyseeds (Time Service Purpose)
0x150 0x10 KeySeed (SNVS/Time Related)
0x160 0x120 Padding (Zeroes)
0x280 0x10 CMAC of Encrypted Data Using Master Key 0x20 if on EEPROM to CMAC (and encrypt/decrypt) or Master Key 0x10 if on FLASH
0x290 0x10 CMAC of Encrypted FLASH Data Using Perconsole Key encrypted using root key and EID1 Seeds


  • Size: 0x730 bytes.

Related to BD drive. See Hypervisor_Reverse_Engineering#Remarrying.

Description Length Note
Header 0x20
P(rimary) block 0x80 contains bd drive info
S(econdary) block 0x690 contains bd drive info


  • Size: 0x100 bytes.

Related to Communicatio. See Hypervisor_Reverse_Engineering#Communication.

Offset Description Length Note
0x00 Header 0x20 contains ckp_management_id, size of cprm keys + sha1 digest + padding and nonce
0x20 cprm player keys 0xB8
0xD8 sha1 digest 0x14 sha1 digest of previous section
0xEC padding 0x4
0xF0 omac1 digest 0x10 omac1 digest of whole eid3


  • Size: 0x30 bytes.
Description Length Note
Drive Key 1 0x10 Encrypts data sent from host to bd drive
Drive Key 2 0x10 Decrypts data sent from bd drive to host
CMAC/OMAC1 0x10 Hash of the previous bytes in CMAC/OMAC1 mode


  • Size: 0xA00 bytes.

The largest and quite possibly the most important EID of all 6. It's unknown what is inside this specific EID. We'll probably never know what's inside it without analyzing every possible clue about the PS3. And even then, it might be impossible to find its real use. Its size is similar to EID0, but it has an additional 0x1A0 bytes.

Time Constants[edit]

358B2E4BDA394A185D4F5407594C20E4 (FFs encrypted with garbage key 79 times)
08A4FD2A2A8D6DA788F9AB9626B3A991 (FFs encrypted with garbage key 80 times)
E01B01CF9C7FBC7D79D670086DAF497F (FFs encrypted with garbage key 81 times)
9BD3A5D5178DDE1D825344AE398113DD (FFs encrypted with garbage key 82 times)
FF525D8BF4422CC76B13AA47FA2CC369 (FFs encrypted with garbage key 83 times)
83A720CD45D18FB3D4112888187E3040 (FFs encrypted with garbage key 84 times)
702B91D8E6ACEEC4B801315F357E1EE3 (FFs encrypted with garbage key 85 times)
2DA1081408D72C41AFC1B61AE7C9882D (FFs encrypted with garbage key 86 times)