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The folder structure in hdd for this files has changed after 4.00+ firmware

Basically the change has beed done because there was some types of contents that was "preinstalled" (using dev_hdd0/vsh/task, and displayed in XMB inside bubbles) but this installation inside a bubble is permanent (like a PSP game, that cant be installed in PS3... only transfered to a psp or erased)... so its pointless to make the vsh to look at this content everytime the PS3 boots to know if is a "task"...because in fact this "PSP game" is not a task "to do"... his "preinstallation" has been completed

To solve this there are new folders inside dev_hdd0/vsh/

  • dev_hdd0/vsh/game_pkg
  • dev_hdd0/vsh/pushlist
  • dev_hdd0/vsh/task

The structure of folders/files inside dev_hdd0/vsh/task has not changed... it contains a default 00000001 folder, and next "tasks" downloaded are stored in folders with a bigger number

The folders inside dev_hdd0/vsh/game_pkg are not numbered chronologically... for a "psp vita" downloaded .pkg the folder name used is 80000000, and the next ones 80000001, 80000002, 80000003, etc...

  • From FW 4.00, this option have been modified and copy to a psp is from "bubbles" PKG (the Export flag in the ATTRIBUTE of PARAM.SFO is still used there). After been copied to a psp, you can still keep the bubble pkg (See PKG page for install)

Maximum 32 BGDL Tasks

Usage: Background Download Utility

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