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Playstation Portable memory regions ?[edit source]

00010000 Scratchpad
04000000 VRAM
08800000 User memory
08804000 Default load address
88000000 Kernel memory
B0000000 Default load address

Cryptobrainstorming[edit source]

Supported Kirk Crypto ? (1,4,7,11,12,13,14,16,17,18,19)

emulator_api errors[edit source]

Google translations from japanese error messages:

 0002 This world did not have a room that are playing the same game
 1005 Upon your use of this application, you'll need to agree to the Terms of Use
 2001 Network connection it has expired. It will return to the title screen
 2002 Network connection it has expired. It will return to the title screen
 2007 You can not connect to ad hoc. Please check the information page
 3001 You can not connect to the network. Please check the information page
 3003 There is no possible connection server
 4001 You can not connect to the network. Please check information page
 4001 You can not connect to the network. Please check information page
 4004 We will not exceed the number that can be created room
 4005 We have exceeded the maximum number of bookmarks. Please register again by removing unnecessary bookmark
 4006 The lobby is a registered
 4007 It will return to the title for a certain period of time operation is not performed
 5002 This room is taking entry limit
 5005 Because the connection type of network is different, you can not play in this room. Please check the manual
 5006 It is during the transmission of comments
 6001 You can not change the wallpaper for the free capacity of the HDD is insufficient. To make the change of wallpaper you need free space of more than 17MB.
 6002 The size of the image can not be specified in the wallpaper. Please check the information page
 6003 It does not support the file format of the image. Please check the information page
10001 Not available, because 20GB model (CECHB00) is not equipped with wireless LAN feature.
10002 PlayStation®3, please use it to connect to the broadband network in a wired.
10003 A system error has occurred.
10004 It is connected. Please be patient. Channel 1
10005 It is connected. Please be patient. Channel 6
10006 It is connected. Please be patient. Channel 11
10007 It is connected. Please be patient. Channel automatic
10008 Not available in the sub-account that is limiting the use of chat. administrator of n master account (such as parents) Please use after receiving the permission of chat use to.
10009 Upon your use of ad-hoc party, you should be asked to agree to the Terms of Service.
10010 You need to sign up to PlayStation®Network.
10011 I signed out from PlayStation®Network. You exit. / Please use it to enable the Internet connection.
10012 It is in a location other than the lobby.
30002 In order to start the ad-hoc party, System software update is required.
30003 Ad-hoc party is not installed. Please download the ad-hoc party (free of charge) from PlayStation®Store.
30004 Ad-hoc party has been updated. If you play the PSP® (PlayStation®Portable) Remaster is. Restart from the PSP® (PlayStation®Portable) Remaster icon.
30005 You can not connect to PlayStation®Network. Please check the configuration of the body.
30006 Are you sure that you want to move to the ad-hoc party? Please check the save data.
30007 We were leaving from the room.
30008 We left the room
30009 You can not connect to the network. Please confirm information page.
30010 Room of the password is incorrect.
30011 This room is taking entry limit.
30012 This room can not enter because of the packed.
30013 We were leaving from the room.
30014 Are you sure that you want to leave the room? Data when you leave the room not been saved will be lost.
30015 Are you sure that you want to leave the room?
30016 Are you sure that you want to move to end the game to the ad-hoc party? What you do not save will be lost.
30017 We did not put in a room.
30018 This PSP®Remaster title in eight room is not supported.
30019 You can not connect to PlayStation®Network. Please check the information page. 
30020 We were leaving from the room. Are you sure that you want to move to the ad-hoc party without saving the game?
30021 The selected lobby is packed.
H8001 I could not connect.
H8002 I could not connect.
H8003 I could not connect.
H8004 I could not connect.
H8005 I could not connect.
H8006 I could not connect.
S7001 I could not connect.
S7002 I could not connect.
S7003 I could not connect.
S7004 We were leaving from the room.

Emulator patches[edit source]

This patches are intended to be applyed to the PSP emulator

Patch to redirect unsupported commands (experimental)[edit source]

This ugly and highly experimental poc code simply redirects unsupported cmd's to 0x01010005 (Seek Begin), prolly breaks other cmd's

Edit-copy purple.svg.png
00000000000285B0 empty_buffer:                           # CODE XREF: sceIoIoctlAsync+74�j
00000000000285B0                                         # sceIofileAsync+140�j ...
00000000000285B0                 li        r31, 0        
00000000000285B4                 clrldi    r27, r3, 32   
00000000000285B8                 li        r29, 0        
00000000000285BC                 cmpwi     cr4, r31, 0   
00000000000285C0 IoFileMgrForUser_822ADD32:              # CODE XREF: sceIoIoctlAsync+184�j
00000000000285C0                                         # sceIofileAsync+2D0�j
00000000000285C0                 clrldi    r7, r23, 32   # out data ptr 
00000000000285C4                 extsw     r3, r24       # id
00000000000285C8                 extsw     r4, r28       # cmd
00000000000285CC                 mr        r6, r27       # in size
00000000000285D0                 clrldi    r8, r25, 32   # out len 
00000000000285D4                 mr        r5, r29       # in data ptr
00000000000285D8                 bl        _IoFileMgrForUser_822ADD32 # pspFileSystem.... ?
00000000000285DC                 ld        r2, 0xC0+var_98(r1)
00000000000285E0                 mr        r31, r3
00000000000285E4                 beq       cr4, loc_285F4 # nop
00000000000285E8                 mr        r3, r29
00000000000285EC                 bl        _sys_libc_free
00000000000285F0                 ld        r2, 0xC0+var_98(r1)
00000000000285F4 loc_285F4:                              # CODE XREF: sceIoIoctlAsync+B4�j
00000000000285F4                 stw       r31, 8(r30)   # return value
Edit-copy purple.svg.png
00000000000285B0 loc_285B0:                              # CODE XREF: sceIoIoctlAsync+74�j
00000000000285B0                                         # sceIoIoctlAsync+140�j ...
00000000000285B0                 bl        _sys_libc_malloc
00000000000285B4                 clrldi    r26, r3, 32
00000000000285B8                 lis       r28, 0x101 # 0x1010005                           # Seek cmd id
00000000000285BC                 ori       r28, r28, 5 # 0x1010005
00000000000285C0                 b         loc_28724
00000000000285C4 # ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
00000000000285C4 loc_285C4:                              # CODE XREF: sceIoIoctlAsync+184�j   #
00000000000285C4                                         # sceIoIoctlAsync+2D0�j              # Both branches also modified, so we can use 5x4 bytes
00000000000285C4                 clrldi    r7, r23, 32
00000000000285C8                 extsw     r3, r24
00000000000285CC                 extsw     r4, r28
00000000000285D0                 mr        r6, r27
00000000000285D4                 clrldi    r8, r25, 32
00000000000285D8                 mr        r5, r29
00000000000285DC                 bl        _IoFileMgrForUser_822ADD32
00000000000285E0                 ld        r2, 0xC0+var_98(r1)
00000000000285E4                 mr        r31, r3
00000000000285E8                 mr        r3, r29
00000000000285EC                 bl        _sys_libc_free
00000000000285F0                 ld        r2, 0xC0+var_98(r1)
00000000000285F4                 stw       r31, 8(r30)

Unsupported ID's will be replaced with empty buffers and simply sent through IoIoctl.
PGD = ID 0x04100001

Supported cmd ID's:

0x1010005 (UMD file seek set)
0x1030008 (Read UMD file)
0x1F100A6 (UMD file seek whence)
0x1F30003 (UMD disc read sectors operation)
0x01020001 - Get UMD Primary Volume Descriptor
0x01020002 - Get UMD Path Table
0x01020003 - Get UMD sector size
0x01020004 - Get UMD file pointer
0x01010005 - Set UMD file seek
0x01020006 - Get UMD file start sector
0x01020007 - Get UMD file length in bytes
0x01030008 - Read UMD file
0x01D20001 - Get UMD device file current sector seek position
0x01F30003 - Read raw sectors from UMD device file
0x01F100A6 - Set UMD device file seek by sector
0x04100001 - Define decryption key (DRM by amctrl.prx)
0x04100002 - Set PGD offset
0x04100010 - Get PGD data size


What does the TRANSLATOR_PATCH is responsible for? Patching the PSP RAM, maybe?

  • Yeah, looks like it. Patch is done right before entering recompiler/emitter, right before mips code is read. Worth to add that patch seems to affect only code that gets recompiled, which mean no patches to data, only to code(?). --Kozarovv (talk) 17:45, 4 March 2023 (CET)
    • Looking for ways to fix the shitty Patapon 3. Patch (for PAL version) skips the sceIo functions to avoid loading the DATAMS.BND file from ms0:/ during the bootup. Of course it does not work on the PS3, in contrary to the PPSSPP. I do not have a time and wish to play with the EBOOT file encryption/decryption. --Agrippa (talk) 20:58, 10 March 2023 (CET)
TRANSLATOR_PATCH[2] = { 08844B7C 08844B80 10000036 00A08821 }

Looks like the pattern is wrong. I have tried various combinations with no luck for Final Fantasy Tactics. Patch for ULES version is 0x883E050 00001021.--Agrippa (talk) 20:42, 15 March 2023 (CET)

  • It seems like emu expect single patch to be 0x14 in size? It's little bit hard to read that code because emu read it first, then translate to config nr, and send pemucorelib, that one interpret it, and send to translator (jit) elf using 0xB3900000 mapped mem. In the end pemucorelib also have built in jit which apparently don't use that patch? No idea really, i did some work on psp emu, but only for simple configs, and recompilers/emitters. --Kozarovv (talk) 11:17, 16 March 2023 (CET)
    • What is the proper character set for the config file? ANSI or UTF-8?--Agrippa (talk) 11:00, 19 March 2023 (CET)
      • Not sure if that matter, emu read it using sscanf. So both should be supported, you can check premade configs from psp launchers. Emu read it as (notice spaces):

When string match config decimal value is read. This is only config that read that value as 32 bits (lwz addr + 4, other cfgs do ld addr), which probably doesn't matter for us anyway. That value is used as a multiplier for 0x14 size for calloc. So it dictates how many patches are there (and one "config" is expected to be 0x14 size by calloc). Returned pointer is saved, and pemucorelib gets notified about config (pointer is not send yet, just count as an argument). From that point next chunks are read by sscanf with just %08X as format. So it expect just 8 valid hex characters (4 bytes). What's important i can't find place where it expect spaces. So apparently value should be passed as 128 (160?) bit. Also there seems to be no space after "{" and, before "}" Next thing is that first two values after count are and with 0xFFFFFFFC, so that will be most likely address of some kind (MIPS cpu most likely). And that how it looks in psp emu file. All that is sent to PEmuCoreLib. Which process it, and send by 0xB39000XX to translator (JIT) file. So valid config seems to be for eg:

TRANSLATOR_PATCH[1] = {08844B7C08844B801000003600A08821}

--Kozarovv (talk) 21:19, 19 March 2023 (CET)

  • I am testing the Final Fantasy Tactics instead, since the patch is confirmed to fix (I would personally nop instead) the "Memory Stick not found" error. But it does not work at all, unfortunately. I made two different configs and they do nothing:
TRANSLATOR_PATCH[1] = {0883E0500883E0540000102100001021}
TRANSLATOR_PATCH[1] = {0883E04C0883E0542784807C0000102100001021}

--Agrippa (talk) 18:46, 20 March 2023 (CET)