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pfd_sfo_tools_code by flat_z

Sperimental PFD Reader[edit source]

To compile it just place it inside the ps3tools folder and add pfd into the makefile in the last TOOLS += line Deroad 20:09, 15 July 2012 (MSK)

Link: pfd.c

Other Sources[edit source]

  • Xploder PS3

The guys at are the first ones that reversed the .PFD structure/encryption/signing. By reversing what this disc does we can understand the decryption method

His "Xploder PS3 Cheats System" (is a disc intended to be used in PC) is able to decrypt and reencrypt .PFD files in a PC

In difference with the previous cheat hacks as (Code Freak, PS3UserCheat, E3 GoldenFinger, P3Go Cheat, PS3 Cheat Enabler) this old methods depends of a dongle that patches the firmware to bypass the .PFD checks

Example Files[edit source]

Just a collection of PARAM (.bin .pfd .sfo .tpf) files:

PARAM.PFD Structure generation process[edit source]

  • This is more than speculation, is a representation of how mirror's edge PARAM.PFD was generated, and how the index numbers are used to "jump" to the next one. I did this table weeks ago, and there was something wrong i realized at the end but thanks to it i understood how the PARAM.PFD is generated using timestamps, probably the table is wrong (because the mirror's edge file im using as example has been updated several times by his owner) but we need to use something like this to order them also it can help others

From files timestamps----->to----->PARAM.PFD

Last time modifyed timestamp

Timestamp File Name (by timestamp) Next jump offset from Xtable Next jump offset from Filetable Generated table
2009/06/14 7:20:12 PARAM.SFO 0x72 + 0x01 No PARAM.SFO
2009/06/14 7:20:14 SAV0.BIN ?? 0x06 SAV33.BIN
SAV3.BIN 0x72 + 0x72 + 0x1F No SAV14.BIN
SAV7.BIN 0x72 + 0x14 No SAV21.BIN
SAV8.BIN 0x72 + 0x72 + 0x0B No SAV13.BIN
SAV14.BIN 0x72 + 0x72 + 0x15 No SAV6.BIN
SAV16.BIN 0x19 No SAV7.BIN
SAV21.BIN 0x72 + 0x13 No SAV8.BIN
SAV22.BIN 0x17 No SAV16.BIN
SAV33.BIN 0x72 + 0x72 + 0x0E No SAV0.BIN
2009/06/14 7:20:16 SAV1.BIN ??? 0x05 SAV19.BIN
SAV2.BIN 0x11 No SAV15.BIN
SAV9.BIN 0x72 + 0x72 + 0x18 No SAV20.BIN
SAV10.BIN 0x72 + 0x72 + 0x1A No SAV11.BIN
SAV11.BIN 0x12 No SAV12.BIN
SAV12.BIN 0x72 + 0x72 + 0x04 No SAV9.BIN
SAV15.BIN 0x72 + 0x72 + 0x1C No SAV17.BIN
SAV17.BIN 0x07 No SAV18.BIN
SAV18.BIN ??? 0x02 SAV2.BIN
SAV19.BIN 0x72 + 0x72 + 0x72 + 0x72 + 0x72 + 0x72 + 0x03 No SAV1.BIN
SAV20.BIN 0x72 + 0x72 + 0x1D No SAV23.BIN
SAV23.BIN ??? 0x16 SAV10.BIN
SAV26.BIN ??? 0x08 SAV35.BIN
SAV27.BIN ??? 0x09 SAVTOC1.BIN
SAV28.BIN ??? 0x0A SAV36.BIN
SAV35.BIN 0x72 + 0x72 + 0x20 No SAV26.BIN
SAV38.BIN 0x72 + 0x72 + 0x1E No SAV28.BIN
SAVTOC1.BIN ??? 0x00 SAV38.BIN
  • The problem is the timestamps of the "protected files" changed when the owner of this game save updated it (we must suppose he did lot of times). Its needed to understand if this update process rebuilds all the tables reasigning the "index nº's" or if the positions of the "protected files" are moved inside "protected files table". Also is needed to verify how new files are added to the "protected files table" when the game generate new ones. To verify all this is needed to begin with a "fresh created" game save, understand how has been built, and compare how it changes after several updates, this is where i stopped ;)
  • This means the examples from this mirror's edge game save (downloaded from gamefaq) are not enought to explain how it works, are needed at least 3 different game saves generated by the same user in the same ps3, or in other words... all the examples must be replaced :/
    • 1.- A copy of the folder the first time the game save is generated (copyed from hdd, NOT exported to usb)
    • 2.- A copy of the folder after a "normal" update (no new files are added to the "protected files table")
    • 2.- A copy of the folder after a "special" update (new files are added to the "protected files table")
    • This completes all the behaviours/functions possibles for PARAM.PFD related with his creation/updates