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stupid newssites are morons : they list newer firmwares lv0 decrypted as 'news', because the static (never changed!) key can be used to decrypt it. /rant

+1. The minds of media today.. D:

there is no ECDSA verification in LV0! still some ppl keep parroting it over and over.

Component Manager[edit]

Can handle components by IDs, differs between firmwares.

Component ID Name
0x00 metldr
0x01 lv1ldr
0x02 lv2ldr
0x03 appldr
0x04 isoldr
0x05 rvkldr
0x06 lv1.self
0x07 parm.txt
0x08 sysctl.txt
0x09 sdk_version
0x0A ?
0x0B ?
0x0C eid0
0x0D ?
0x0E metldr.2
0x0F lv1ldr.2
0x10 lv2ldr.2
0x11 appldr.2
0x12 isoldr.2