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Dex 4.20 lv0[edit]

Hey, i decrypted this lv0 from a dex 4.20 fw. the md5 does'nt match to one shown under loader. i am not sure if dex lv0 always differs from cex lv0, so i wouldnt trust myself edititing the page with this contribution. maybe someone could take a look and confirm this is a good dumped and decrypter lv0 for dex 4.20. it appears to be dumped OK.

md5: C51E5F9E8A830CDD59BA8248F2C0C80D link:

Edit: why would they be illegal? they are posted on the page as well..

Edit2: and here are some unselfed loaders form encapsulated 420-dex's lv0 (appldr, lv2ldr and isoldr)

Edit3: i also did it for cex 4.30, results here: