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I'm not sure if this page can be interesting (please delete if so) but as a possible messy draft/idea:


The ps3 can support keyboard for internet or XMB navigation (music,pictures and videos), chat, games as UNREAl III, Usb and bluetooth keyboard can be use.


Settings on xmb: Accessory Settings:

Keyboard type : Language Key Repeat interval : Short / Normal /Long Key repeat Speed : Fast / Normal /Slow Mouse type : Right-Handed / Left Handed Pointer Speed : Fast / Normal / Slow

Settings can be found on the xRegistry //link

Windows pop up:

Sprx/routine: SPUJOBS.SPRX?







Bluetooth: BDADDR(bluetooth device address) Ps3 only allows communications from bluetooth addresses of paired devices performed over bluetooth, but that's not the case for a sixaxis. //link

ISM(Industrial, scientific and medicals) radio bands 2.4GHz (2450 MHz)

Frequency: DPI mouse (Dots Per Inch)


Compatibility: ps/2

Official Sony products:

PlayStation 3 Wireless Keypad (CECHZK1x) (cex ofw 2.50) use USB and Bluetooth connectivity As well as acting as keyboard, the wireless keypad features a touchpad button (labeled as a pointing hand, similar to the pointer used in the web browser), which allows the surface of the keypad to be used as a touchpad, allowing users to move the pointer by sliding their fingers around the keypad surface.

can function separately from the controller.

The keypad must be first connected to the PlayStation 3 via a USB mini-B to USB-A cable or put into Bluetooth discovery mode (by holding down the "blue" modifier key when switching the device on) so it can be paired and subsequently used. The keypad also features two shortcut buttons, letting users jump to the "Friends" screen and "Message Box" on the XMB during game play.

There are one other official wireless keyboard and "keyboard" guitar.