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LOAD:00000000000CC6E8                 clrldi    r27, r24, 32
LOAD:00000000000CC6EC                 lis       r4, aGameGame_boo_0@h # "Game:Game.bootable"
LOAD:00000000000CC6F0                 li        r5, 0
LOAD:00000000000CC6F4                 addi      r4, r4, aGameGame_boo_0@l # "Game:Game.bootable"
LOAD:00000000000CC6F8                 mr        r3, r27
LOAD:00000000000CC6FC                 stw       r0, 0x320(r31)
LOAD:00000000000CC700                 bl        sub_71954
LOAD:00000000000CC704                 lis       r26, ((off_26E23C+0x10000)@h)
LOAD:00000000000CC708                 extsw     r3, r3
LOAD:00000000000CC70C                 bl        is_product_mode
LOAD:00000000000CC710                 lwz       r28, 0x570(r31)
LOAD:00000000000CC714                 lwz       r29, 0(r30)
LOAD:00000000000CC718                 cmpwi     cr7, r28, 3
LOAD:00000000000CC71C                 mr        r25, r3 

in explore_plugin prx

could be related to hiding apps/games when entering xmb in fsm

Q) is FSM in the current / latest OFW ( 4.53 ) A: yes, but randomfail signing was fixed, dongles revoked, whitelisting added etc.