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Wrong			Right
DECHA007		-
DECH3000A/J		DECH-3000A/J
DECH-30xx		DECH-3000x

"Full list of Features" and the Console Template are redundant on DEX/... pages compared to the CEX ones.
Examples: vs
There's no difference between CEX and DEX/... besides the region and the available colors.
The DEX/... unit does only have a different label and these pages are about the hardware, not the software.

Bigger Problem:
CEX "Full list of Features", the Console Template and the CEX SKU model pages are sometimes not coherent.
- Sometimes the SKU model page was updated, but not the specific console page (or the other way around).
-> Adding even more "Full list of Features" and Console Templates on the DEX pages makes things even worse, that's why I deleted them.