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COK-001 revisions related with daughterboards[edit source]

  • Facts
    • CECHA and CECHB uses COK-001 motherboard
    • CECHA has wifi/BT by using a daughter board named CWI-001 fully populated with components, also card reader using another daughter board named CMC-001
    • CECHB does not have wifi... but uses the same daughter board named CWI-001 where some components are missing, also it does not have card reader daughter board
    • COK-001 had at least 3 revisions, based in the serials reported: 1-871-868-12 (first revision), 1-871-868-22 (second revision), 1-871-868-32 (third revision)
  • Fictions
    • So it seems there are different COK-001 motherboards... the motherboard PCB itself is the same but for CECHB some components are missing (the ones related with the wifi.... and maybe some more related with card reader)
    • Is not clear is is posible to know this differences based in the serials (the 3 revisions COK-001 had)

See: Motherboard Revisions and Refurbished Compatibility

Note the components missing next to the connector (the big squared one looks like a fuse/thermistor and should be specific for wifi module)

BT module is the one at left... and wifi the one at right

CECHE01MG with COK-002 (Metal Gear Solid 4 special edition)[edit source]

This PS3 model differs a bit from the standards, the COK-002 motherboard have a syscon CXR714120-301GB (SoftID 0DBF) that indicates that it was assembled months after the retail COK-002 production was stopped, lets say... at the time sony was using the CXR714120-301GB they was producing CECHH/DIA-001, but instead of manufacturing a "PS3 Metal Gear Solid 4 special edition" without any PS2 hardware backward compatibility they dediced to produce a new small batch of COK-002 motherboards, this way it was more appealing for metal gear solid fans because they was able to insert his original PS1 and PS2 discs of the games and use the "ps2_gxemu" version to play them (that probably was working a lot better than the "ps2_softemu"). Additionally it seems this PS3 model have some more components upgraded, as the bluray drive (with 2 lens), but it preserves the compatibility of having a minimal firmware version 1.00