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3.72-patch DEX[edit]

To Moderators: Please delete this page due to not proper file here. Proper one is here:


Does not seem proper (unpacking dev_flash_001.tar.aa.2011_09_14_050233 error):

unpacking update_files.tar (00000000_0a064000 bytes; hmac: FAIL)...
unpacking spkg_hdr.tar (00000000_00011800 bytes; hmac: FAIL)...
unpacking ps3swu2.self (00000000_00565760 bytes; hmac: FAIL)...


PUP hashes[edit]

NONPROPER: MD5::fb906610575f9b51f2ab8e2174f03c0d | SHA1::4ceeef8a4a805ae19e0e9ed3ba1e54fc93d353cf | CRC32::9701527 | CRC16::F676 | HMAC_SHA1::DC05B52D52A2C2E1E1301A8E8B45FE43FC172BA4

PUP Information[edit]

PUP file information
Package version: 1
Image version: 99999
File count: 9
Header length: 656
Data length: 179844904
PUP file hash : DC05B52D52A2C2E1E1301A8E8B45FE43FC172BA4
	File 0
	Entry id: 0x100
	Filename : version.txt
	Data offset: 0x290
	Data length: 5
File hash : 8E20378674A5D312D3CF899B8818BD5DA9530F4E
	File 1
	Entry id: 0x101
	Filename : license.xml
	Data offset: 0x295
	Data length: 264283
File hash : 367FCD28D27719525D0A11A4F2679FBF35B4681F
	File 2
	Entry id: 0x103
	Filename : update_flags.txt
	Data offset: 0x40AF0
	Data length: 5
File hash : 65A0A6DA7FDB7F7A93C50F2439F6D5FE4C55AF74
	File 3
	Entry id: 0x200
	Filename : ps3swu.self
	Data offset: 0x40AF5
	Data length: 5658464
File hash : 635883F388DD46FE3560ADABDBCCC5CD94B67A7A
	File 4
	Entry id: 0x201
	Filename : vsh.tar
	Data offset: 0x5A6255
	Data length: 10240
File hash : D9B66E0D2845D71A67D76E7907AB06368CE61E08
	File 5
	Entry id: 0x202
	Filename : dots.txt
	Data offset: 0x5A8A55
	Data length: 3
File hash : 1AA4749D0EE0D0AE937FBF73BC4B9ACD352F732A
	File 6
	Entry id: 0x300
	Filename : update_files.tar
	Data offset: 0x5A8A58
	Data length: 168181760
File hash : DEFC6880C983CCBB0A5E9127DDE930AB62BD1B05
	File 7
	Entry id: 0x501
	Filename : Unknown entry id
	Data offset: 0xA60CA58
	Data length: 71680
File hash : 1A76D6F88E36F492583DBFC914D49E2831623255
	File 8
	Entry id: 0x601
	Filename : Unknown entry id
	Data offset: 0xA61E258
	Data length: 5658464
File hash : F381421D0E990D42DEE1B10B46F877DD243D47BD