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PSN Online Store[edit]

Status :


59 countries, divided into 4 storefronts:

P   : Available for PSP in regional shop.
V   : Available for PSVita in regional shop.
T   : Available seperately for PSVita TV / PlayStation TV in regional shop.
3   : Available for PS3 in regional shop.
4   : Available for PS4 in regional shop.
no  : Not Available in regional shop for any of the hardware platforms.
yes : Available in regional shop, but not specified which platform (deprecated).
?   : Not checked yet.
tba : To be announced in future.
I   : Available in-XMB use/install for PS3, using the music2/xil.xml / video2/xil.xml / tv/xil.xml feature.
X   : Available in-XMB install for PS3, using the XMB_COLUMN_TV.xml / XMB_TV_INSTALL01.xml feature.

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