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Same as ( CUH-1100B  ·   CUH-1101B  ·   CUH-1102B  ·   CUH-1103B  ·   CUH-1104B  ·   CUH-1105B  ·   CUH-1106B  ·   CUH-1107B  ·   CUH-1108B  ·   CUH-1109B  ·   CUH-1110B  ·   CUH-1111B  ·   CUH-1112B  ·   CUH-1113B  ·   CUH-1114B  ·   CUH-1115B  ·   CUH-1116B ) Hardware/firmware is all the same, the last 2 numbers are the region indicator. For regional specific differences, see their subpage.