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If you know where I can upload layout files - let me know - 10:09, 1 July 2014‎ Rei (talk)

if only temporary, mirrorcreator / if more permanent: mediafire and - Euss (talk)

Today, 3 July, I begin testing my adapters. Flash-Main/MX25L25635FMI-10G readed four times and four times sucessfuly verified, but with MX25L1006E/Flash-Hub, Flash-Bridge I got some troubles, JAISPI says that chip unknown, but flashrom can read it. Anyway verification MX25L1006E failed. 15:49, 4 July 2014 Rei (talk)

UDP. Fixed. Problem was in black connector.

Dumped all. Each flash was dumped four times, and verified. All ok, but anybody have 1.62 (or >)NOR dump? I need one to compare my own, because I get differnce with 1.61 dump on 0x1000 (in my dump value=80, in 1.06&1.61 value=00). Anyway i will go to my friend tomorrow, he has professional stuff for dumping. Flash-Hub and Flash-Bridge same as and , but have another size: my usb-hub.bin 131072 bytes (128kb) and [usb-hub]] 131088 (128.015625kb). Any ideas?

include USB-HUB, USB-BRIDGE and Flashmain NOR dump 1.62 w/o MAC and CS tomorrow