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Cell Cell template Wire Wire template
  Black {{Cell:black}} Black wire {{Wire:black}}
  Blue {{Cell:blue}} Blue wire {{Wire:blue}}
  Light Blue {{Cell:lightblue}} Light Blue wire {{Wire:lightblue}}
  Brown {{Cell:brown}} Brown wire {{Wire:brown}}
  Green {{Cell:green}} Green wire {{Wire:green}}
  Light Green {{Cell:lightgreen}} Light Green wire {{Wire:lightgreen}}
  Red {{Cell:red}} Red wire {{Wire:red}}
  White {{Cell:white}} White wire {{Wire:white}}
  Yellow {{Cell:yellow}} Yellow wire {{Wire:yellow}}
  Orange {{Cell:orange}} Orange wire {{Wire:orange}}
  Violet {{Cell:violet}} Violet wire {{Wire:violet}}
  Pink {{Cell:pink}} Pink wire {{Wire:pink}}
  Grey {{Cell:grey}} Grey wire {{Wire:grey}}
  Light Grey (Slate) {{Cell:lightgrey}} Light Grey (Slate) wire {{Wire:lightgrey}}
   Green/Yellow {{Cell:greenyellow}} Green/Yellow wire {{Wire:greenyellow}}

Color Matrix[edit | edit source]


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