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put your user to user message in this section :)

Improving contributing/active users[edit]

Broken extension[edit]

The extension "SyntaxHighlight" is broken, please update it Sandungas (talk)

Discussion From Tyrants Page[edit]

Hi all, Thanks for sorting this out GregoryRasputin, Roxanne and CelesteBlue. I need to point out that the ability to delete pages permenentaly was introduced primarily for permenantly flushing out records of pages which had links to DMCA material and was required due to legal threats from Sony. It was also later used to cleanup spam en masse. I sincerely apologise for my lack of availability, I have a busy life and this topic no longer sits on my priority list. I am keeping the wiki alive only in hopes that someone else will want to take it over. GregoryRasputin if you are keen on it we can get together and I can assist in merging into your servers if you like - I'll make some time to get the software updated and the spam situation under control. Admin (talk) 02:41, 22 March 2021 (UTC)

Defyboy it has been almost a week since I emailed you, still waiting on you responding, I would be happy to take the PS3/Ps4 Dev Wiki's and put them on my server ~ GregoryRasputin

Two weeks tonight since I emailed, I understand having very little time, you just need to back up the Wiki's and send them to me, I'll do the rest. - GregoryRasputin

Troy I emailed you on the 26th of March, it is now the 18th of April and you still have not responded to me, if you are not going to let me host the PS3/PS4 Wikis could you at least update the software, the current state of the software is in a dangerous situation. ~ GregoryRasputin

Do i need to fly out to New Zealand in order to get your attention or get the backups? ~ GregoryRasputin