Activation Key

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location: (USB:)\ps4_activation.afv

Only used by Nonretail, not to be confused with the Activation Disc for Retail consoles that Sony Consumer Services sends via regular mail on phone-requests for people without internet.

Activation expires in 90 days, reducing several development functions of a TestKit/DevKit

File is generated on request by Sony and tied to console internal serial

The activation key is a xxxxxxxx-xxxxxxxx-xxxxxxxx-xxxxxxxx-xxxxxxxx string (where x = hexadecimal)

If the Activation Key was expired, the PS4 shows the following (Error) Message on the Main Menu: "This Development Kit is Expired. See DEVKIT_Activation-Users_Guide."

Sony uses only one Activation Keys, its for the Device itself

Neighborhood for PS4, does not require any activation like the rumors and previous edit says.