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SKU differentiation[edit]

productcode: 1-889-352-11 or 1-889-352-21


Notes on Components[edit]

<SoC> Some extra info:

  • APU to MC link is indeed PCI-e Gen2 (5Gbit/s, 4 lanes)
  • APU to BD-ROM is SATA I (1.5 Gbit/s)
  • DDR3 bootup speed is 400MHz (DDR3-800, that's very low because DDR chip is rated for DDR3-1600). Not sure if DDR3 would go higher on fully booted unit).
  • unit denies to boot if I cut some of PCI-e lanes. Normally, x4 PCI-e interface would work on x1 lane w/o problems (with lower bandwidth), but PS4 flashes blue forever if I cut PCI-e down to 1 lane.