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Fallout: New Vegas - Ultimate Edition [edit]

BLUS30888 - BLES01478 - BLES01475 - BLES01477[edit]
  1. It's known that referenced "update 1.06 of 292 MB" is this one from BLUS30500. There are existing unresolved threads on same topic:
  1. Update Today: Zarebcn here helped translate a Spanish video tutorial for everyone about the topic. He says:

    1. Method for BLES01475 (this is the spanish version but i think that it will be the same for the BLUS30888 version).
      1. Get a fresh backup of the game and the update 1.06 of the regular version (the update for BLES01475 must to be BLES00905 1.06, for BLUS30888 it should be BLUS30500 1.06).
      2. Unpack the update PKG and replace the EBOOT of the game folder with the update one.
      3. Edit the PARAM.SFO of the game folder and change the Title ID with the one of the update (in this case write BLES00905), change 'PS3 System' to 4.46 and 'Version' and 'App Ver' to 1.06. Save changes and overwrite.
      4. Convert it using PS3GameConvert (when asks for a game update click 'yes' and select the PKG update) -maybe works with CFW2OFW Helper too i dunno-.
      5. Once converted use Make PKG to convert to PKG and install with Debug packages enabled in this order (game PKG, patch PKG, LIC PKG). - Enjoy!
      6. I got this method thanks to a Youtube video, i dunno if i can put the links here so by the moment i wont put them (the video is in Spanish).
      7. hi, i am reybort and, i made the video in spanish.. i already made this game in inglish version, and here is:ht tps://!Ah2kvD0luiUZphFVL20P_ok6wwQT enyoi!!

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Final Fantasy XIII [edit]


It works but subtitles in Russian , use MRTC00003 and replace EBOOT.BIN,
LICDIR and PARAM.SFO to play in English.
  1. How does that conversion work? I mean, I see replacing files there but we need specifics. It's known that BLJM67005 has v1.01 patch update. I take "MRTC00003" is the US version of game, right? I hope someone clears this up. --Sciaa (talk) 04:07, 22 November 2018 (UTC)

2 - I used the eboot.bin, param.sfo and LICDIR from BLJM67005, replaced those files from MTRC00003 (which is listed as a USA release by the scene group, but it's actually BLES00783 - this matters for save compatibility) and ran it through [PS3GameConvert_v0.91] using the update [JP0082-BLJM67005_00-0000000000000101-A0101-V0100-PE]. I would imagine that [CFW2OFW Helper] would automatically download the update, but I did it manually because 1) I didn't want any errors during conversion and 2) it's a 41GB game that I did not want to transfer only to find out that a "successful" conversion didn't work due to using the wrong update. Audio and subtitles are, so far, all in english (although one option in the settings menu is completely blank, and the menu immediately after selecting "New Game" is two options that are both completely blank - I selected the first option, no idea what the hell it was) although I'm only a few hours into the game so far.

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Mirror's Edge [edit]

BLES00322 - NPEB90114 - NPEB00052[edit]

Download the demo (NPEB90114) and take only the EBOOT.BIN and SPUJOBS.SPRX files
from it, place them in the NPEB00052 folder and rename the folder to NPEB90114, 
and change the PARAM.SFO to NPEB90114.
  1. BLES00322 has available game update.
  2. Sounds like this instruction enables playing for free the official PSN Full Game EU release, NPEB-00052, of same game through swapping eboot.bin and .SPRX files from demo version, NPEB90114. Demos are unlocked to play while PSN Full Game releases require licences (rap) to unlock. — I'll wait for a month until someone says that I understood that incorrectly; if not I'll wipe that 'conversion method' from list. --Sciaa (talk) 14:25, 22 November 2018 (UTC)

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Split/Second [edit]


Working but with a little different method,convert as usual via ps3gameconvert_0.91,after that change in PARAM.SFO from Disc Game (DG) to Hard drive Game (HG) Also in app ver. to 1.04, create new lic.dat. Working via PKG/HAN Method I don't know if in Inject does.


About time for a "WORKS WITH HAN?" (YES or NO) column[edit]

Suggestion: I've realized some BD games that don't work in CFW2OFW/injection method (labeled 'no') can work with HAN using no extra methods, so to stop confusion which works on either CFW2OFW or HAN (or both):

- I'm thinking of adding a table column labeled "WORKS WITH HAN?" beside the current "WORKING?" (column for CFW2OFW/injection) 
- This new column (WORKS WITH HAN?) can help with clarity among HAN users and decongest the NOTES column of 
  entries like "Works with HAN method".

Context: "HAN has high compatibility rate considering 90% of the games are on psn as well and can be used with full compatibility on HAN" -- habib, PS3Xploit developer

--Sciaa (talk) 02:05, 12 October 2018 (UTC)

  • After looking at all your edits related with CFW2OFW page i think there are a couple of things that are not going to work fine, the most important at this point are the "editor notes" you are adding for every character, this is going to make the page too big with repetitive content, is easy to remove or replace it though (by copypasting the whole page in notepad++ and using the search-replace), but before making more changes related with this editor notes i think is better to think in a alternative solution, by now i think we can just forget about making the page "pretty" and just display it at top, later we can think in making that block of text pretty. Another problem i see is there is a lot pf people editing the page just writing a "yes" or "no", then it comes next guy and changes "yes" by a "no", then it comes another gal and changes the "no" by a "yes", and so on in a infinite nonsense loop. This obviouslly is not working and we need to solve it at any cost, the cost is to make the page less pretty, so this is another thing that needs to be explained at top of the page with scary colors, huge font or whatever, the editors needs to tell which tool they used or the details of what they did, this is very important specially when someone is changing a "yes" by a "no" (or viceversa), people should not do this, in some way this is a wiki golden rule, you cant change what other user wrote without giving a proof that you are right and you are "fixing" a mistake (so other people can verify that you are right), but if you dont give any proof other people doent knows who was right--Sandungas (talk) 19:49, 16 October 2018 (UTC)
    • The table layout changes I made are not all about making the list "pretty." The changes are intended to make each entry clear and separated from the other region releases per game title, whether INJECT/DTU works only for US, JP but not for EU or AS disc; same results for HAN.
      • Bottom line is for users not to be confused or making guesses whether the listed conversion result for the US disc (yes) will be the same for his own EU or JP disc.
      • As for HAN and DTU/Inject users, having a column for HAN removes the ambiguity on whether the "yes" status is intended for either DTU/Inject or HAN, or both.
    • The editor notes are intended for anyone editing only sections of the list. (clicking "Edit" per letter heading) The said notes are hidden in <!-- comments --> from readers and only visible to editors during editing.
    • It's hard to police changes to wiki especially if done by anonymous IPs ( -- as long as admins allow unregistered/anonymous editing, chaos is expected because of zero accountability due to anonymity. As you suggested, I'm now thinking of placing that "scary" note at the top advising editors to describe in detail how they're able to reverse a game's conversion status from NO to YES, and vice-versa. --Sciaa (talk) 21:59, 16 October 2018 (UTC)
  • The suggestion to check the IRD only "If BluRay game conversion fails" is wrong in concept, the IRD check is a safety meassure needed to be made before any conversion to verify the files are exactly like the original files in the original bluray disc. Also the mention to "this game could have .666 files" or "it could have splitted files" (in this compatibility list and/or in other lists) is wrong because official games doesnt have any splitted files, if at some point someone reports problems with splitted files is because is a (failed) pirate, also an IRD check (performed before any other step) should expose the problem of unnofficially splitted files --Sandungas (talk) 10:04, 9 November 2018 (UTC)

Method for Sonic All Stars Racing Transformed[edit]

Download BLUS30839 Update, NPUB31090 Update, You need The PSN Version (NPUB31090)

Extract the NPUB31090 Update and replace the files over NPUB31090, after that extract BLUS30839 and copy EBOOT.BIN Only and paste it inside USRDIR Folder from the PSN Version

Done! Tested in Rebug 4.84 CFW, gonna confirm later if works in OFW

WWE 2K14 BLES01937 Conversion Issue[edit]

note, i use CFW2OFW Converter V11, PKG Maker, PS3 Resigner Master Tool

i converted WWE All Stars BLES00995 it works

but WWE 2K14 BLES01937 does not, it converts, but when i start the game it launches and gives me an infinite loading instead of installing game data. so i launched the iso version of the game,installed game data via the iso version of the game, launched the converted pkg version afterwards; it said game data is corrupted delete it and restart, i deleted it, restarted the game, gives me infinite loading again :( so this game is NOT COMPATIBLE with CFW2OFW Converter V11, please add this info to save people trouble