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Is a feature available for non-retail PS3 models

Accesible from an icon at XMB category Settings [Settings] > [String Viewer]

Its position in settings category is defined by the settings_order 0x13 in category_setting_plugin.sprx (In XMB is displayed as the last icon most at bottom of settings category)

The name of the icon is loaded from category_setting_plugin.rco

<Text name="msg_tool_string_viewer">String Viewer</Text>

The icon launches strviewer_plugin.sprx module

There are 4 "xml object pages" inside strviewer_plugin.rco that can be loaded by the .sprx (the samples below are a reduced version with only its name and the action triggered when onInit):

<Page name="page_strviewer_lang"... onInit="event:native:/OnInitStrViewerLang"...
<Page name="page_strviewer_plugin"... onInit="event:native:/OnInitStrViewerPlugIn"...
<Page name="page_strviewer_id"... onInit="event:native:/OnInitStrViewerID"...
<Page name="page_strviewer"... onInit="event:native:/OnInitStrViewerDialog"...

String Viewer supports multilanguage. The page page_strviewer_lang contains a list of languages associated with letter codes, see: Talk:Languages


Maybe is posible to make visible the icon in some PS3 models by using a Button Combo

Pre-retail firmwares

In old firmwares can be seen how string viewer was loaded

Code Sample
String Viewer error

When adding this entry in a modern firmware and clicking in the icon, appears an error message asking for strviewer_cnf in dev_usb000

The file in path usb000/strviewer/strviewer_cnf needs to follow this format:

Code Sample

And the loaded xml seems to be using the format inherited from the dev_flash/vsh/resource/silk/xai/widgets/informationboard/strings/|infob_<language>.xml where is required to follow this format:

Code Sample

The valid values for the <!--dtype="C"--> (C,E,W,R,T,N,G,I) are hardcoded inside strviewer_plugin.sprx

Test video:

More info: