Rich Appearance Format (RAF)

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RAF (Rich Appearance Format) is a container, used by the animation when PS3 boots (coldboot.raf), and inside dynamic Themes (as the animated scene displayed at the background of the theme)

RAF tools

Rich Apparence Maker


R.A.M on PS3 News:

R.A.M on PSX Scene:

PS3 Color Logo Creator V2.511

PCLC Source:

PCLC on PS3 News:

PCLC V2.511 Download:

RAF contents

It must comply with these restrictions :

-Textures size max: 15 mb on RSX local memory at run time ( 15728640 Bytes )
-Geometry & script size max: 1mb on main memory at run time ( 1048576 Bytes )
-Actor size max: 1.25mb in the intermediate buffer ( 1310720 Bytes )
-Actor number max: 128
-Cameras: 1
-Lights: 2 (ambient + point)
-Scripts: 1
-Models: 64 (with 8 animations each model)

RAF Scene (.XML)

Models (.DAE)

Models can be geometric 3D objects, or 3D light points

  • Typical objects and names used:
    • bg.dae
    • ambient_light.dae
    • point_light.dae

Models files contains references to the libraries that were used by the 3D app that build the object

  • Typical entries found in models (3d objects)
    • <asset>
    • <library_physics_scenes>
    • <library_images>
    • <library_materials>
    • <library_effects>
    • <library_geometries>
    • <library_visual_scenes>
    • <scene>
  • Typical entries found in models (3d lights)
    • <asset>
    • <library_physics_scenes>
    • <library_lights>
    • <library_visual_scenes>
    • <scene>

Textures (.GTF)

Graphics Texture Format (GTF) is a container for storing one or multiple textures ("pack GTF") data in a layout that can be used as is by RSX.

Script (.JS)

script.js (playstation javascript derivate, also known as PSJS)