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=== .JS ===
=== .JS ===
script.js (an PlayStation JavaScript, known as PSJS, based on ECMA-262)
A script.js using [[PlayStation_JavaScript|PlayStation JavaScript]].
ECMA-262: several well-known implementations such as JavaScript, JScript and ActionScript.
Some examples of PS3 theme using PSJS:
Some examples of PS3 theme using PSJS:
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=== .JSX ===
=== .JSX ===
The script.js is later on compiled into an intermediate code (.jsx) with a magic header "VSMX".
The script.js is then compiled into an intermediate code and produce an .jsx file
*See [[VSMX|VSMX page]]
(with a magic header "[[VSMX|VSMX]]")

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RAF (Rich Appearance Format) is a container, used by the animation when PS3 boots (coldboot.raf), and inside dynamic Themes (as the animated scene displayed at the background of the theme)

  • RAF related firmware modules in dev_flashvsh/modules/:
    • raf.sprx <--- generic animations

RAF structure

See: CXML Containers page

RAF tools

Rich Apparence Maker


guide http://r.a.m.games-hack.fr/doc/Rich%20Appearance%20Maker%20-%20Quick%20Start%20Guide.pdf

R.A.M on PS3 News: http://www.ps3news.com/ps3-hacks-jailbreak/video-ps3-rich-appearance-maker-r-a-m-beta-is-now-open/

R.A.M on PSX Scene: http://psx-scene.com/forums/content/rich-appearance-maker-r-m-free-beta-now-open-dynamic-theme-maker-2161/

PS3 Color Logo Creator V2.511

PCLC Source: http://tizzyt-archive.blogspot.co.uk/2012/04/playstation-color-logo-creator-v2511.html

PCLC on PS3 News: http://www.ps3news.com/ps3-hacks-jailbreak/ps3-color-logo-creator-v2-50-v2-51-updates-now-available/

PCLC V2.511 Download: http://www.mediafire.com/download/zbb3e07wdx22jub

RAF contents

It must comply with these restrictions :

-Textures size max: 15 mb ( 15728640 Bytes ) ( on RSX local memory at run time )
-Geometry & script size max: 1 mb ( 1048576 Bytes ) ( on main memory at run time ) 
-Actor size max: 1.25mb ( 1310720 Bytes ) ( in the intermediate buffer ) 
-Actor number max: 128
-Cameras: 1
-Lights: 2 (ambient + point)
-Scripts: 1
-Models: 64 (with 8 animations each model)

RAF Scene (.XML)

Models and Lights (.DAE)

Models can be geometric 3D objects, or 3D light points

  • Typical objects and names used:
    • bg.dae
    • ambient_light.dae
    • point_light.dae

Models files contains references to the libraries that were used by the 3D app that build the object

  • Typical entries found in models (3d objects)
    • <asset>
    • <library_physics_scenes>
    • <library_images>
    • <library_materials>
    • <library_effects>
    • <library_geometries>
    • <library_visual_scenes>
    • <scene>
  • Typical entries found in models (3d lights)
    • <asset>
    • <library_physics_scenes>
    • <library_lights>
    • <library_visual_scenes>
    • <scene>


See Multimedia Formats and Tools page

Before compiling, only .dds and jpeg are supported.

After compiling, Graphics Texture Format (GTF) (is a container for storing one or multiple textures, "pack GTF", data in a layout that can be used as is by RSX).



A script.js using PlayStation JavaScript.

Some examples of PS3 theme using PSJS:


The script.js is then compiled into an intermediate code and produce an .jsx file (with a magic header "VSMX")