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Samsung K4J52324KI-JC14[edit]

Samsung memory product code

Manufacturer DRAM DRAM type Density Organization Banks Interface Revision Package type Power & Temp. Speed
K: Samsung 4: DRAM J: GDDR3 SDRAM
50: 512M, 32K/16ms
52: 512M, 8K/32ms
12: ?
16: x16bit
32: x32bit
4: 8 Banks U: DRSL, 1.8V, 1.2V
Q: SSTL-2 1.8V, 1.8V
K: ?
T: ?
C: 4th Gen.
E: 6th Gen.
I: 10th Gen.
J: 11th Gen.
J: BOC (Lead-free)
S: ?
K: ?
C: Normal Power (0ºC–95ºC) B3 (XDR): 3.2Gbps, 35ns, 20Cycles
14 (GDDR3): 1.4ns (700MHz)