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cell_ext_os_area[edit | edit source]

NAND only

Offset Length Example Name Notes
0x000 0x10 cell_ext_os_area magic
0x010 0x4 ? version
0x014 0x4 0x400 ? otheros_area_offset
0x018 0x4 0x400 + unknown ? otheros_bootloader_offset
0x01C 0x4 ? reserved
0x020 0x4 ? otheros_bootloader_format
0x024 0x4 ? otheros_bootloader_size
0x028 0x1D8 ? reserved up to 0x200 (1 block)
CellOS area
Offset Length Example Name Notes
0x200 0x4 0 boot_flag 0 = GameOS
1 = OtherOS
0x204 0xC ? reserved
0x210 0x1F0 ? ext_params up to 0x400 (2 blocks)
OtherOS area
Offset Length Example Name Notes
0x400 varies ? unknown
varies varies ? otheros_bootloader end of region at 0x400000 (8192 blocks)