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Initial Release August 2006
Datecodes 6A - 7C
Regions 00, 01, 06, 07, 12
Colour Piano Black, Silver Trim
Motherboard COK-001
Flash 256MB NAND
Harddrive 60GB
HDMI CEC no, HDMI 1.3a
OtherOS yes
PS2 Compatibility Full Hardware EE + GS
SA-CD yes
WiFi yes
Cell / RSX 90nm, 90nm
Watt / Max / Cum 200W, 380W, 399W
USB Ports 4
MultiCardReader yes

Original model by Sony released to Japan, United States, and Canada.

Full list of Features[edit]

Harddisk 60GB
Flash 256MB NAND
Release date 8/2006
USB Ports 4
PS2 Emulation Hardware (EE and GS present on motherboard)
SACD Playback Yes
Original OtherOS Support Yes
Card Readers Yes
Wifi Yes
Available Colors
Regions 00, 01
Cell / RSX Architecture 90nm, 90nm
Watts/Max 200w / 380w
HDMI Version 1.3a

In 2020 several units serviced at official Sony centers which have had the original syscon replaced and the 90nm RSX swapped out for a 40nm RSX.