4.00 CEX

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Released: November 29, 2011


System changes
  • [PlayStation Vita] is now supported.
Settings changes
  • [PS Vita System] has been added as an option under [Remote Play Settings] → [Register Device].
  • [Delete PS Vita System’s Backup Files] has been added as a feature under [System Settings].
  • PlayStation Plus members can now choose which items are updated by the [Automatic Update] feature.
  • The [Saved Data Auto-Upload] option must now be set for each game, unless the feature is turned off completely.
  • [English (United Kingdom)] and [Portuguese (Brazil)] have been added as options under [System Settings] → [System Language].
  • The [About PlayStation3 (PS3)] feature under [System Settings] has been updated.
  • Health and Safety Information is now displayed during start up.
  • A new Health Information menu has been added to the disc menu for every game.
  • The file overwrite warning has been redesigned and is now also displayed when uploading to the cloud.
  • A [Restore File System] feature has been added to the bootup sequence when there is a system crash.
  • Removed certain characters and smilies from the system dictionary.
Media changes
  • Upscaler Output and Cinema Conversion are now supported for Blu-ray Disc content.
  • Support for reading metadata of AAC and M4A files (Artist, Track Name, Album, Album Cover, Year, Track Number).
Game changes
  • [PS Vita System Application Utility] has been added as a feature under [Game].
Network changes
  • [Privacy Settings] has been added as a feature under [Account Management], allowing users to control who they receive messages and friend requests from.
  • [PlayStation Plus] is now displayed under [PlayStation Network] for users who are not subscribed to the service.

Changes in lv0

clrlslwi  r9, r9, 24,8
or        r0, r0, r10


or        r0, r0, r10
clrlslwi  r9, r9, 24,8


PUP Hashes

4.00 RETAIL/CEX | MD5::52419374ba45a3d4a2b2dface2594140 | SHA1::4eebd993c8966c1c0fdf97d4dcbd74afbd07e764 | CRC32::7079BEB5 | CRC16::A1F9 | HMAC_SHA1::97609E8A9E5F45BAA07B57017DB60A784D20C2E1

PUP Information

PUP file information
Package version: 1
Image version: 53642
File count: 9
Header length: 656
Data length: 189077029
PUP file hash : 97609E8A9E5F45BAA07B57017DB60A784D20C2E1
        File 0
        Entry id: 0x100
        Filename : version.txt
        Data offset: 0x290
        Data length: 5
File hash : F32F121F316B5A493CD846CD52494CE14E705685
        File 1
        Entry id: 0x101
        Filename : license.xml
        Data offset: 0x295
        Data length: 314936
File hash : 6D49B1F10B2A7170E7FF53A7DFC58565582832BA
        File 2
        Entry id: 0x103
        Filename : update_flags.txt
        Data offset: 0x4D0CD
        Data length: 5
File hash : FD7C893936FDFC668922BE6D119A462111B2BBDB
        File 3
        Entry id: 0x200
        Filename : ps3swu.self
        Data offset: 0x4D0D2
        Data length: 5666800
File hash : BFA76548FC051BD34F0F785CF51D013D02ED8115
        File 4
        Entry id: 0x201
        Filename : vsh.tar
        Data offset: 0x5B48C2
        Data length: 10240
File hash : D9B66E0D2845D71A67D76E7907AB06368CE61E08
        File 5
        Entry id: 0x202
        Filename : dots.txt
        Data offset: 0x5B70C2
        Data length: 3
File hash : 1AA4749D0EE0D0AE937FBF73BC4B9ACD352F732A
        File 6
        Entry id: 0x300
        Filename : update_files.tar
        Data offset: 0x5B70C5
        Data length: 177346560
File hash : B72A28C993C70E3AD9463FE36494B60BBEC76789
        File 7
        Entry id: 0x501
        Filename : spkg_hdr.tar
        Data offset: 0xAED88C5
        Data length: 71680
File hash : 9D112117FFF70BC0D19247F5A76A25F9EE437B75
        File 8
        Entry id: 0x601
        Filename : ps3swu2.self
        Data offset: 0xAEEA0C5
        Data length: 5666800
File hash : 28F013FD5ED60686A47A5E75F75FF4B5393D08AF

CoreOS Filehashes

4.00 7772192FC02919457D97537DD41900B8
creserved_0 - 09A1D434DBD7197E7C3AF8A7C28CA38B
sdk_version - E67A4D209BBDEE902E8E7A3F48931B71
spu_pkg_rvk_verifier.self - 7FB7B15F9A1E7BF735F6B23EDDE2A0EE
spu_token_processor.self - EF9C94719C4D6734603C6CDA456C15F0
spu_utoken_processor.self - 3864FD2937E166D9C5506F231049FC58
sc_iso.self - 97170AE9ACCD8C5F963F7A95AEEAE89B
aim_spu_module.self - 1473ACF31EF71B111F8563218E08D2B3
spp_verifier.self - F53B9FBA1C4663C2D65715705B7E3A98
mc_iso_spu_module.self - 3744B53626C0B7DAC84E0331F1FC9211
me_iso_spu_module.self - B0F0DAAF7ACC37031A640E70E40DBAB2
sv_iso_spu_module.self - 6307E959CCC862298033A28E96DFCD27
sb_iso_spu_module.self - A89FDB4DABBCF2E3CBFA0585EDDCE370
me_iso_for_ps2emu.self - E59A8048346506C8C94165704BF086E1
sv_iso_for_ps2emu.self - C57067F62BB5EAD2175062F0FFD373AB
default.spp - 559A9EB15641989ADB22C1A3B017DCE2
lv1.self - 0B2840A296442D24C8AF921AC6D69C76
lv0 - C38AC278229F0B678B300E711FC79EFD
lv0.2 - 0FF7584F806A4D89780E3C489713489A
lv2_kernel.self - 09104FD2E1B437000E5B27FEC7DF8F67
eurus_fw.bin - B5F54D9A11D1EAE71F35B5907C6B9D3A
emer_init.self - 634690713F08D6352DAE111E938FDB64
hdd_copy.self - 40A867A0C19E04BFCEBF53DCB335C7A6