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You need to use your twitter more! :P --IntelMiner 02:22, 30 March 2011 (CDT)

I'm not into all this internet social crap. I post things on my blog ( or announce them in #ps3dev --Admin 02:56, 31 March 2011 (CDT)

Oh, fair enough, I should probably join #ps3dev more often, too --IntelMiner 03:45, 31 March 2011 (CDT)

Defyboy, have you tried talking to Syscon via these points? -COK-001/002: -SEM-001:

I have had some success with the Syscon UART I have not yet tried the southbridge, The JTAG doesn't respond. ----

Maybe time for some better rechapta or add a simple human question "what color are strawberries?" e.g. ;) Euss

There, simple capcha as obviously ReCapcha isn't working effectively anymore.


make a category Storage with in it the pages

then in each page the needed subsections just like done with the firmware pages (but instead of 1.00/1.02 etc the subsections

  • firstregion
    • Header
    • Filetable
    • asecure
    • eEID
    • cISD
    • cCSD
    • trvk_prg
    • trv_pkg
    • creserved
    • ros
    • cvtrm
  • second region
  • Bootloader
  • cell_ext_os_area

Simular can be done with harddrive, by splitting it into:

  • dev_flash1
    • System folders (that are also replaced per FW install)
    • User folders
    • Other files
  • dev_flash2
  • dev_flash3
  • FAT
  • Other regions


Other storage devices: Syscon EEPROM, BD Flash, BT/Wifi Flash, Sixaxis/Dualshock3 Flash etc.

I see no good other way to split the pages to make them smaller and easy navigational Euss

Server error after changing host[edit]

http error 503 : User has reached the maximum amount of processes while being limited, Webmaster: please contact support. (9)


It's hostgator still, we haven't changed yet. I am sorting out some other issues with the new host. There was an unusually high volume of traffic yesterday so it should be fine for a while

Wiki Images[edit]

If there is some request for other wiki images just ask --Sandungas 02:20, 8 February 2013 (MSK)

problems after outage 7 feb 2013[edit]



XML format, last page revision only, no images

FTP service not answering or blocked by firewall[edit]

[R] Connection failed (Connection refused)

With SSH/SCP not really a priority.

Stop Wiki Spam[edit]

(already installed :
I want to give you a suggestion. change the Q&A question with something like "What is the abbreviation of 'Sony Entertainment Network' ?"; completely delete the question "This Wiki is devoted to which console?" because it's known that the bot knows the answer.


line 160
file was not writeable for me

request Extensions[edit]

for fighting aforementioned spam[edit]

other reasons[edit]

New sites - problems[edit]

no errors making account anymore, only missing some extensions

Current bugs[edit]

  • Imagick or related seems to have problems making thumbs @ RC-S380
  • image upload fails many times with files <= 2MB
    • Internal error: Something went wrong with processing your upload on the wiki.
  • call me old fashioned, but the old upload worked fine

Secret question change[edit]

while you take care of gitorious today, please change the secret question, since bots are ruining the recent changes page again, please :)